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Welcome… to the writings of S K Ditta. I hope, you would join me on this journey as a fellow thinker.  All thinkers are travelers in a way, for we travel through the world of ideas.  As we have come to realize, ideas are living things.  Why can we say so?  It is because thinking is the occupation of the living.  Everything starts with an idea.  Ideas turn into reality.  Life is the reality born of ideas.

There is cognizance of you, the reader, during my engagement as a writer.  However, there is also the attempt to write what I can myself return to at a later time.  The desire is not to find some immediate success in this world, but there is the confidence, that these words are written out of sincerity and will find their own success in persons who respond to it.  The time of it is indeterminable.

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