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Welcome to the website of S K Ditta.  I explore ideas.  In these explorations, there are flashes of light and there are times of darkness.  While having an admiration for those who claim to have found the absolute truth, I find it reasonable to remember the limitations of human understanding and experience.  Rather than pretending to have found all the answers, which no man has ever done, it is better to search.

Life is the great exploration

People give up searching very soon in life.  Why?  At a very early age, we somehow get attached to objectives, beliefs, and ideas.  These could be influenced by a culture, religion, family, or some other authoritative source.  Despite not having found satisfaction, we are willing to commit our lives to those.  Life, I know, is THE great reality just as death is.  The time we have in between birth and death – our life – is an opportunity unlike any other.  Don’t you agree?

To be a human being is to taste divinity, to have a realization of such, and yet have the longing to fulfill yet more.  You see, as a human, there is always this realization of being not able to do as one can wish.  The imaginations and thoughts of us have always exceeded the actual abilities to fulfill.  In this, there are the longing and the humiliation; there are also the pursuit, the prayers, and dreams.

As it is, there is simply no end…so please join me on a journey that never ends.  I believe, this is what life was always meant to be!  May the Almighty, Most High God be with us forever.

It is my hope to keep on adding content to this site. Perhaps, a day would come when there are very clear answers to anything and everything. While I am reluctant to have such clarity and fear that every time there has been such certainty in the mind of an individual or a community, it has led to great upheavals.  There are indeed times when it is more desirable to have peace than the prospect of disturbances.  We seem to be headed for more trouble than stability.  For as long as possible, let us appreciate the value of peace.  Peace gives an opportunity to life and to growth.  As long as peace has a chance, the chance must be preserved.  In turn, we ourselves will be preserved.welcome

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