Month: February 2017

Short thought – 6 – The preferred lie

An assumption took hold,

An imagination was sold,

Men would find the way out of damnation,

People would create their own salvation.


The dream lives on,

The effort goes on,

While the struggling masses wait,

There is rampant injustice within the gate.


Science has not tried long enough,

Philosophy has not explored deep enough,

Religion has not controlled widely enough,

And politics has not misled thoroughly enough.


So man does finally look to God,

To bring the true hope of change,

That mankind is spared the Devil’s rod,

And no lie for truth we exchange. (more…)

Why the difference between the Old and the New Testament? Lessons for us today.

The undeniable fact is, an obvious difference exists between, what the Old Testament (Hebrew-Aramaic scriptures) and what the New Testament (Greek scriptures) speak of.  The Old Testament speaks of cruelty that simply defies human understanding, and the New Testament speaks of love that defies human imagination.  Yet, both are originating from the same God.  How can it be?

Keeping in mind why that difference appears to exists is important.  It helps us understand much about the people and the world that were, and also the people and the world today. (more…)

Lesson from Solomon – Continuity and finality – opposite worldviews.

Do you have a worldview?  Even though you may have never sit down and enunciated what it is, or taken pains to explain it to others, most surely you do have a worldview.  In the globalized world where, even the knowledge of distant galaxies is available to the boy on the street, potential for knowledge-based reflection exists in every mind that exceeds any time in history. (more…)

Determining what is “fake news”. What is “real news”?

The phrase “fake news” has become popular in recent times.  In the year 2016, another related phrase “post truth” became popular.  Outside of the political world, there is much that is happening which makes the appearance and use of these phrases timely and legitimate.  A consideration of what is behind these ideas will help us appreciate some of the existing complexity. (more…)

Short thought – 5 – peace along the pillar of fire and cloud

Peace is what everyone wants...finally
Peace is what everyone wants…finally

In reflections on peace…

Fire falling from the sky,

Cloud rising from the ground,

The humble were concealed by the divine eye,

Humiliated the face of everyone proud.


A pillar of peace and justice,

The work of God so appeared to guide,

It freed a people from slavery and vice,

That His name would forever abide. (more…)

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