Month: April 2017

The nature of conviction, and the certainty of belief

Conviction and certainty of belief impart a particular trait to the very thinking and expression of a person that goes counter to reason, and the willingness to listen.  Be it blunt or sharp, the absolutist conclusion of the convinced person does not have the opening to alter the conviction.  The belief is not only unchallenged, it is also unchallengeable to the mind of the person who has conviction.  This certainty leads to actions and expressions which cannot be made without that kind of power.  It is the power of conviction that some men desire, and that power remains as long as there is no contrary evidence to challenge the conviction.  For this reason, humans pursue truth and aspire to have knowledge of truth.  Truth is the ultimate giver of conviction.  It is the ultimate power, if we are inclined to look at the effect of truth only in terms of power.  Surely, the truth is much more than power alone. (more…)

Is the future determined by our beliefs?

Think of belief as a future destination.  Yes, there are beliefs of such nature.  All beliefs are ideas, and ideas can travel through time. (more…)

The natural order of things as a basis for justice

There is a natural order of things.  Nature works because, it has its own system.  The most gigantic interaction of living and the nonliving makes up the system of nature.  In this system, there are many parts and subsystems.  We can discern, there is an order to the way all creatures interact with the environment and the way there are interdependence, natural cycles, and creature hierarchy.  We may personally like or dislike aspects of the natural order, but we cannot deny its overall existence. (more…)

Does justice emanate from belief?

Human beings are unique among creatures on this earth, for we have even deeper than the conscious, the very instinct of justice.  Even without thought or much deliberation, a human can have the instinct for justice.  This sense of justice brings rivalry among brothers, it brings favoritism, it brings inequality between the genders.  On the other hand, the same sense of justice causes acts of sacrifice for a stranger, pity for the oppressed, and charity toward the impoverished man who seeks to work.  Justice in its truest expression cannot be bound to an intellectual understanding of law codes or rules.  Justice is instinct, intuition, principles, laws, conscience, and individual attention expressed in specific ways in the context of situations.  Justice is spirit, mind, and heart satisfied with equilibrium.  Justice is the unburdening.


Conceptualizing justice in the age of impatience

For those who are thinking actively, it would seem prudent not to put words like justice and impatience in the same sentence.  However, as soon as one steps out of propriety and sentence construction in theoretical settings, it is easy to see that, our practical reality puts us in precisely this undesirable position.  In the modern context of society propelled by speedy communication, justice is no longer considered so if it is not immediate. (more…)

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