Month: May 2017

Indian government’s demonetization step – preparing a nation for the future

It has to be maintained that, when history would look back upon the Indian government’s decision of demonetization, factors more significant than political party and economics would be considered.  Did the present Indian government under the BJP have complete and full understanding of the implications, and of the effects of demonetization as they would be understood after many years?  Even though it is possible to have forethought, and an awareness of the prevailing situations in the world at present, there would hardly be a man alive who has complete and detailed understanding of this nature.  What we do have are concepts and beliefs as basic as government, society, nation, and money.  If those same concepts and beliefs continue to exist, our understanding will be in line with them.  Should those concepts and beliefs cease to exist, I can say with absolute confidence, our understanding would be different, the world would be different, and history would have new eyes on everything that is happening now! (more…)

Indian government’s demonetization step – rooted in the concept of the divine

Try as one may otherwise, the human mind by necessity needs to have some basic concepts about the world around us.  The concepts we have could be, should be, of a more general nature.  Upon these basic concepts, details are added through observations, experiences, training, and learning.  If the basic concept is correct, they will remain in place, even if the overlaid details undergo tremendous changes.  Yes, the step to demonetize the banknotes with 500 and 1,000 Rupees value also are based on a concept.  Despite the emerging news of its failure in job creation, or failure to achieve its said goals of removing “black money”, corruption, and terrorism, there is a solid underlying concept.  The passage of time must show, if that concept is correct or not. (more…)

Indian government’s demonetization step – the indomitable idea

As human beings, it is very desirable that we adhere to the principles of reason.  By adhering to those principles we can have a more peaceful life, and the prospect of better relations with others.  At the same time, a realization about living by reason must be admitted: When reason alone becomes the overriding pursuit and the underlying foundation of all human thinking, there is the grave danger of ascribing reason to all human actions.

We differ on how we reason, and we cannot all agree on how others reason.  Had that been the case, reason would have been the sure instrument and measurement to find truth.  Is it?  The many reasonable, intelligent humans through the centuries failed in establishing a “social truth”, if there is such a thing at all, within the realm of human possibility on earth! (more…)

Indian government’s demonetization step – the test of behaviors

It would be the prime accusation that, the Indian government under the current BJP rule was hasty in announcing, executing, and implementing the decision to demonetize 500 and 1,000 Rupee currency notes.  Does this accusation stand to reason?  Yes, it does stand to the reason guided by observation.  There is more to the faculty of reason, however.  There is exercise of reason that goes beyond self, or partisan politics, ambition, or relating to a particular system of belief; a sense of reason that seeks to see the common future with a bit of optimism.  For those, who are willing to exercise reason in its manifold expressions, the subject of demonetization of the Indian currency notes is far from over. (more…)

Indian government’s demonetization step – an object lesson in today’s world

In the life of a nation, there come times when landmark decisions are made.  The decision itself stands to define the future course of that nation.  As it is, we are now part of the global whole and therefore, significant decisions create waves that easily go beyond national borders.  The ideas of governments, their ambitions, and specific information about daily events and trends over periods of time are noticed by governments and interested individuals and organizations far away.  The practical solutions emerging in one part of the world could stand to be applied as is, or made to work well with specific, localized modifications.

The step to demonetize high value Indian currency notes of 500 and 1000, came as a shock to the system.  It also came as a shock to a lot of people.  The sheer volume of the demonetized currency was enormous – roughly 86% of all cash in the country!  In the peculiarities of the Indian economic and social system, this one step would be understood gradually.  It is quite usual to find articles that take one aspect of the impact, then criticize or commend the action of the government; perhaps even written with a for-or-against mindset.  As time passes by, it is truly an examination of human behavior, thinking, attitude, foresight, beliefs, affiliations, loyalties, ambitions, and objectives…as exemplified in speech and actions.  With such a major move, there may be certain insulated parts of society, but no one can/should escape the effects. (more…)

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