Month: August 2017

Observation – The disobedient angel and humans in Eden: what it says about the Creator?

Just in general terms and even with a number of misconceptions, the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden is one of the most popular stories from the Bible.  It happens to be right at the start, in the first few chapters of Genesis.  That is a prime reason for its popularity.  It also happens to contradict modern science and knowledge so directly, many of those educated now would immediately lose interest.  Any hopes of finding a practical lesson may only seem farfetched.  Unless there is a special reason to take interest, many would not concern themselves with this narrative, if they have never had prior interaction with the Bible.  The popularity of the Bible across cultures, countries, and languages is cited as a primary reason to take some interest.  The appeal to simplicity and common sense about the origins of mankind doesn’t strain the mind.  A more compelling reason for interest would be, to understand who God is according to the narrative in Genesis! (more…)

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