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“Press this” are some interesting articles from around the web!  In view of the fact that we are living in a time of the richest flow of information, these are going to be some of the ideas that got my attention. How many and what ideas these would be is difficult to predict. Presenting along with the original article in the opening, followed by some of my own observations.

Why our predictions must move away from utter doom to continuity?

Must our predictions all end in doom and destruction
Must our predictions all end in doom and destruction?

The idea of terminal decline 1 is pulling the power of prediction like a black hole pulls light into it.  This phenomenon is not new.  It has happened again and again throughout history.  It has also had its reasons.  It is sufficient to say that people desire achievement and progress.  However, when the price, the sacrifices, and the reality of destruction that was along the way comes to the notice of even the beneficiaries, it changes how we look at those things.  The examples are many.  Hospitals are supposed to be centers of care, but those same buildings could be the centers where clinical trials are conducted.  Universities are centers of education, but those same universities could become places where abuse and discrimination take place.  Upon learning of such things, we simply cannot reconcile the grandness of the institution with the pettiness concealed within it.  Many such examples exist in government, religion, and even in families.  Are we to, in our disappointment and great hurt, wish for the end of all things?  Or are we to look for solutions, look for possibilities of reform, and look for hope to have a chance? (more…)

Making the link between technology, culture, and youth – Arianna Huffington on Thrive Global

Come join me to discuss, debate and ask questions, kickstarting this urgently-needed conversation to ensure that 2018 is the year when we put technology in its right place and take back control of our lives.

Source: An Open Letter From Arianna Huffington to India on our Relationship with Technology | Thrive Global

The original article by Arianna Huffington is linked and presented at the start.  She, like other good observers, makes the link between technology and mental health.  The case of India is outstanding due to its old culture and a having a majority of young ones in the population.  In the interest of the future generations around the world, but especially in India, it is important to make these connections.  What can be done and what needs to be remembered in view of technology, youth, mental health, and Indian culture? (more…)

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