Short reads

Writings in a few words about ideas emerging from a short engagement. The ideas still have worth but are expressed in fewer words, rather than a lot of words.

Peace is simplicity

Peace in simplicity
Peace in simplicity

Simplicity promotes peace. Such peace is also easier to maintain because there is lesser that can go wrong. If it does, it’s easier to fix. (more…)

Short thought – 5 – peace along the pillar of fire and cloud

Peace is what everyone wants...finally
Peace is what everyone wants…finally

In reflections on peace…

Fire falling from the sky,

Cloud rising from the ground,

The humble were concealed by the divine eye,

Humiliated the face of everyone proud.


A pillar of peace and justice,

The work of God so appeared to guide,

It freed a people from slavery and vice,

That His name would forever abide. (more…)

Short thought – 4 – the bane of criticism

Criticism is a partial blindness
Criticism is a partial blindness


Crud in the eye of the mind,

Sourness in the blood of the soul,

The critic elaborates an idea he would find,

In time he will be famous as a blind fool. (more…)

Short thought – 3 – the language of ideas


Ideas that enlighten us must find words
Ideas that enlighten us must find words

With gestures and with words,


He tried to convey his thoughts.

But the people he spoke with,

Looked penetratingly at the light on his skin.


Short thought – 2 – the space and place of life

The entirety of life...if it could be beautiful and delicate as a butterfly's wings
The entirety of life…if it could be beautiful and delicate as a butterfly’s wings

I saw war and I saw peace,

I saw time and I saw space.


I saw the needle’s tip and a strand of hair,

I saw the butterfly’s wing and a hungry bear.


Experiences vanish and memories cease,

Man’s woes will grow as knowledge will increase. (more…)

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