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Short thought – 6 – The preferred lie

An assumption took hold,

An imagination was sold,

Men would find the way out of damnation,

People would create their own salvation.


The dream lives on,

The effort goes on,

While the struggling masses wait,

There is rampant injustice within the gate.


Science has not tried long enough,

Philosophy has not explored deep enough,

Religion has not controlled widely enough,

And politics has not misled thoroughly enough.


So man does finally look to God,

To bring the true hope of change,

That mankind is spared the Devil’s rod,

And no lie for truth we exchange.

The arrow has left the bow
The arrow has left the bow

An assumption and a lingering imagination are in the minds of humans.  It is a good assumption, a healthy imagination.  We believe that we can find our way and we can solve our problems.

There is the hope that, we really can create paradise on earth.  If such a vision did not exist, and such a lofty pursuit did not challenge us, we would not have put forth the efforts that we see the results for today.  Scientific discovery and exploration, a plethora of inventions: it is unmatched in human history.  And we find ourselves in a place that we did not expect.  Is this the place where we want to be?

At a most basic level, during times of distress, humans resort to very simplistic thinking.  The time for intricate details and nuances is long gone, it seems.  Urgent actions are called for, and the quality of thought simply vanishes.  A madness takes hold of people and movements on the streets and cyberspace are pursuing what, they can’t even clearly remember.  What if they succeed?  What then?

What if they succeed?  What then?

Having said these things, and thought about them, decentralization of power in government is appropriate now.  A concentration of the power in the center and devoted following of a single leader has some very bad precedents in history, even in recent times.  A highly efficient, centralized government is also a bad thing; it enters war quickly, and seeks to work like a machine against humanity.  When events and ideology start going in that direction, it is an ominous sign.

The opposite – complete decentralization of power and concentrating it into the hand of each individual – will lead to failure of government, law, and order.  It will lead to anarchy.  Freedom without bounds is lawlessness.  Even freedom of expression, if it is not coupled with self-restraint and a sense of responsibility will be like people walking around with burning coals in their mouths.

All freedom, needs conscience.

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