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At age 16, I left India and went to the USA. A year later, found myself homeless for 2 days. Fast-forward to 1998, 2 of the greatest changes in my life occurred simultaneously – baptism as one of Jehovah’s witnesses and a questionable diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

The opportunity to see two entirely different environments, people and cultures allowed me a vantage point. I could see how viewpoint alters reality and reality shapes viewpoints. The common stabilizing factor in this experience was the English language. The other factor was, conscientious determination to perceive right and wrong, as much as possible for a young man. There came a time when my sole concern was to know what the “truth” is.

In the many years since my return to India, I experienced the kind of decline in health and constant struggles on many fronts, people only hope to read of in books. Since 2001, I personally experienced AVN of both hips, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, tardive dyskinesia, a bout with torticollis, heart problems, loss of ability to walk, total confinement to bed for months, a complete breakaway from society, and utter dependence on others despite disliking every instance of it. Each time and all the time, it was the power of belief that helped me to make a new start; but as long as my medical treatment and toxic association continued, no effort was enough to keep my head above the water for long!

Instead of making the remembrance of painful personal history or multitudinous misfortunes the focus of my work or life, I have chosen to let endurance and positivity be the focus. Life cannot be defined by struggles, but the desire and the determination to live and have a meaningful existence. Therefore my attempt at work focuses on what I perceive as meaningful, purposeful, and beneficial.

I never gave up, always pursuing the truth of matters. Gradually breaking through the snare of toxic medications, ideological fallacies, and harmful associates. Over and above all, the Creator of the Universe has stood by me.

Wishing you happiness, peace, and the strength to never give up in the pursuit of what is right!

All the content on this site is original.  Ideas are, of course, touched and inspired by relevant information from diverse sources and interests.  Where I feel it beneficial, links are provided.  Sometimes linked information is a distraction, or it is not clear to the reader to see the connection.  With time, it might be.

As you read through the posts, you will surely notice that a deliberate effort is made, for the most part, not to tie these writings to fast-changing events, specific persons, or with the news.  The simple reason is, I am attempting to address root issues and concerns.  These writings and their value should exceed being valuable for only a short time; there must be an element of permanence.  Therefore, the attempt is to address ideas and underlying aspirations, rather than superficial changes that are affected therefrom.

Thank you for expressing interest.

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