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As I have mentioned elsewhere, the main shopping area can be visited on the Amazon India website. As of now, there are 38 sections (including sub-sections) to the main store. The entire store has been built over several months. Each item has been hand-picked, and each section of the store is organized to make the decision-making as easy as possible.

Why though, the need to create such a store?

This is an important question. And, it can be answered rather simply. As you already know, over the years, the Amazon marketplace has continued to grow. That is, of course, a good thing. The customer is offered as much variety as possible. With so many manufacturers and suppliers, the bent is always towards the customer’s satisfaction. At the same time, since the marketplace continues to grow, there is also a compromise on quality. In order to cater to every segment of customers, there is a sort of a mixing of standards of quality. While everyone desires good quality for the money they spend, not everyone is willing to spend the extra buck to get the quality they could. To separate the good from the ordinary, such a store as I have created is required.

Besides, where it was easier to make a decision, now it can be time-consuming, tedious, and confusing. SK’s store simplifies the decision-making process as it already eliminates what was considered unfit to be a part of the storefront. You might say, I have weeded out those products which did not meet my criteria. The same criteria and process of selection can be useful to the other buyers as well. Those criteria most often include the brand, the existing price, after-sales support on durable items, and customer reviews. These are always considered when including an item. And, while it is nearly impossible to always stand by every item that is included in SK’s store, one can have the confidence that the longer an item has stayed in the market and preserved its reputation, it is a good buy. The only factor, notwithstanding, are technological advances that can make a shift in the performance of a product, or that particular category of products. For the most part, the homework is already done.

Instead of creating a store that is always struggling to keep up with the latest trends, this is a collection of items that can be relied upon.

The list of categories

Presented below is the entire list of 38 categories in alphabetical order. On the store itself, the order of categories and individual items could undergo changes at any time. However, this list will always link to each category in the order given here. Each link will take you directly to the section of SK’s Amazon India Storefront.

Apparel and footwear

Good footwear is about personal comfort. This is foremost. The style should come second. Anywhere one can find that balance between comfort and style, one can stop looking. A small range here to look into. And, while one is considering footwear, there is every reason to look at other apparel to go with it – T-shirts, jeans, caps, jackets, etc!

Art and décor

To beautify one’s home is a most natural desire. While one may seek to make the home beautiful on the outside by attending to the garden, and keeping clean surroundings, it is even more important to make one’s home beautiful on the inside. It is up to every person with a home to create an environment that leads to happiness, and to well-being. To that end, here are some ideas from where art pieces and decorative items can be brought into play. Enjoy!

Audio equipment

There isn’t a home that wouldn’t benefit from good music. And, for enjoying music as it could be, one must think of having good, reliable audio equipment. So, here’s a list of bookshelf speakers, tower speakers, woofers, headphones, and A/V systems from the best brands around. Please, note that the listed items are grouped by brands and types.


The foremost fluid intake is clean water. Aside from drinking plain, clean water, there are a number of beverages to refresh oneself, relax, benefit through their anti-oxidant properties, etc. Of course, it is also fine to enjoy a drink for its flavor and pleasure. Here’s a list of my recommendations. Enjoy!

Cameras and lenses

The skills of photography and its techniques can be acquired. A natural talent for photography is even better to have. However, the tools at one’s disposal do make a significant difference to the end result. Here’s a range of cameras and lenses to pick from. And, aside from cameras and their lenses, here is a selection of binoculars and telescopes as well.

Computers and gadgets

A comprehensive list of laptops for study or gaming, All-in-one PCs, and their accessories. Routers, security devices, speakers, and A/V systems are included in this list. Aside from these, antivirus software, and assorted electronics like home theatre systems, too. Ordering them is just a click or a screen-tap away…

Premium Intel laptops

This list only includes premium models of Intel-based laptops. The processors included in this list are the i7 and the i9. From the 10th generation onwards, the i5 is also considered for this list. In most models, the laptop comes with its dedicated GPU. Therefore, these are professional or gaming-level laptops. For those especially looking for an Intel-based machine, this list would be perfect. Newer models will feature newer technology, and their screens would have higher refresh rates than in previous generations of laptops. Brands included are #HP, #Asus, #Razer, #Lenovo, etc.

Ryzen laptops

Welcome to this list of laptops running on the Ryzen 5, 7, or 9 processors by AMD. This list will only feature those laptops that have Solid State Drives (SSDs), as it is the technology of the future. Some might also feature a hybrid drive – HDD + SSD. Laptops are chosen from reputable brands such as #HP, #Dell, #Acer, #Asus, #Lenovo, and #MSI. Care has been taken to include only those models that have received good reviews, as they have been in the market for a while.

Cooling, heating, and ventilation

A short collection of split air conditioning systems with a minimum of 3-star and up to 5-star energy ratings. A special range from Dyson. Some desert coolers from reputable brands for the dry heat. And, for the winter months, a small collection of room heaters.

E-readers and Books

What can one even say about books! These have been called the carriers of civilization, a man’s best friend, the receptacles of history and so much more. If ever a human being wanted to record his ideas in the form of words and pictures, books were the primary tool. Reading is an excellent occupation; a necessary hobby. It truly engages the mind, builds imagination, the powers of attention, and thinking ability. Books will always be the means for personal growth for the ideas they contain for any one of us!

Gold and savings

Gold has traditionally been the favored means to save, the medium of giving gifts that are remembered fondly, and the evidence of practical thinking. To keep some gold is considered to bring good fortune. It is, indeed, as the wealth that has traditionally stayed within families! Do consider having some pure #gold to be your family’s wealth, too, for generations. Also included on this list are #silver, #platinum, and precious #gems, including lab-grown #diamonds.

Health and Hygiene

At the end of the day, or in fact, even at the start of one the thing one is most closely connected with is one’s own health. To properly take care of oneself is a personal responsibility. This list of quality recommendations includes items to feel good, for grooming, to stay safe, for sports activities, and a host of natural health-care products.

Home furnishing

A range of furniture choices for a home

Household supplies

Keeping one’s home clean is considered one of the essential activities. While it is possible, and not advisable, to be excessively focused on making a home germ-free or pristine, a level of cleanliness that makes one feel good and keeps everyone happy is certainly desirable. Here’s a list of commonly used household cleaning items – detergents, soaps, dishwashing liquids, antiseptics, etc. Also, the list is expanded periodically to include edible products.

Kitchen décor, utensils, and appliances

The kitchen might rightly be called the heart of a home. It is from where the daily needs of a family are met for meals and conversations. The kitchen is where care comes from. It is where people come together.

Men’s shaving supplies

Grooming for men is a specialized interest. While in recent years there has been a trend toward considering shaving a mere necessity, or part of a mundane routine, an awareness has been growing toward the art of shaving. From preparing his face, using a pre-shave oil, picking the right shaving soap or cream, to using the perfect razor, and finishing off with a block of alum and moisturizer, shaving is a ritual for the refined gentleman. So, here is a list of products handpicked for the man who considers shaving as a ritual to celebrate, and an art to practice.

Men’s wallets and sunglasses

Just the everyday essential accessories for men.

Microwave ovens

Aside from being a wonder of science, the loss of nutritive value notwithstanding, the microwave oven is a thing of convenience. Its ideal use is to re-heat food quickly and not to be considered a replacement for traditional cooking on a gas top. A range for domestic use. Some higher-wattage models are fit for commercial use as well.

Smartphones, tablets, and mobile accessories

Mobile devices

There probably isn’t a replacement to the smartphone of today. And in their evolution, other handheld mobile devices like tablets, phablets, etc. have also emerged. These have become multi-purpose gadgets that are both, a luxury and a necessity. Ranging from affordable to expensive, the reaches in technology do continue to offer reasons for wonder and pleasure even to the everyday user. A range of suggestions on offer here for you from #OnePlus, #Samsung, #Apple, #Mi, etc.

MediaTek mobiles

MediaTek leads the market in chipset sales for smartphones, Smart TVs, Voice Assistant Devices (VAD), Android tablets, feature phones, and optical disc products. They build chips that are less about connecting people to their devices and more about connecting your devices to what matters. Connecting to the things that shape our lives, makes us smarter, healthier, and improve everyday life. Here is a list of their mobile devices across brands!

Snapdragon mobiles

There ought to be a special consideration for the Snapdragon processors. Snapdragon is a suite of system-on-a-chip (SoC) semiconductor products for mobile devices designed and marketed by Qualcomm Technologies Inc. It is generally considered, that any smartphone running on Snapdragon offers a better, more fluid user experience. Here are some for your consideration from various smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Mi, Vivo, OnePlus, etc. Please, note: While OnePlus uses Snapdragon across the board, this isn’t so for other brands. For the most part, devices are grouped by brand.


Without music, life would be a mistake.
— Friedrich Nietzsche

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent
— Victor Hugo

If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.
— Albert Einstein

Musical instruments

The pleasure one gets from listening to music can only be surpassed by the pleasure one can get from producing music. While a fewer number may consider taking on music as a profession, for most, it will be a hobby, a skill, or even an activity that fills times of rest with the joy of creativity. To that end, here are a number of suggestions that will enhance your lifestyle, in whatever capacity you may satisfy your yearnings to add symphony to your time!


Direct-cool refrigerators

Among the requirements of modern living, perhaps the refrigerator comes first in the minds of people. After all, it is connected with one of the most basic needs of humans – food and to store it safely! Since the refrigerator needs to stay on all the time, only the models with a 4 or 5-star ratings are offered in this list. The refrigerators are from reputed brands like #LG, #Samsung, #Haier, #Whirlpool, #Godrej, etc. They are organized by the total storage space as stated by the manufacturer.

Frost-free refrigerators

Frost-free refrigerators, as the name implies, do not require any kind of manual defrosting. A small element is placed inside the unit that actually melts accumulating ice. This is done without interfering with the natural cooling cycle that is required to continuously refrigerate food. These are more expensive and consume more electricity, but are also said to have a longer life expectancy. Typically, you would find a 2 or 3-star energy rating for these models. The brands featured are #Panasonic, #LG, #Samsung, #Haier, #Godrej, and #Whirlpool. Prices: From 25K to 40K.

High-capacity refrigerators

Going beyond the needs of small families of 3 or 4 members, a large refrigerator is one of the modern essentials. While this segment caters to a smaller client-base, nonetheless, great quality and reliability are on offer here. Do find here refrigerators from reputable brands – #LG, #Samsung, #Haier, #Panasonic, etc. – to fill your need for many years to come! The refrigerators here are conveniently grouped by brands.


Games and productivity software

2020 has been an unprecedented year in comparison to the years in recent memory. With the current situation developed after the Coronavirus pandemic, and, the way it has been handled, people find themselves more at home. So, to keep occupied, productive, have fun, and also keep safe in online interactions, here are some useful recommendations in software and downloads.

Windows software

Microsoft Windows is quite easily the go-to Operating system for home and office users. Here’s a list of top-rated software from Windows and that which is compatible with what you are already using!


That name – Tele-vision – should really have said it all. How far the humble TV has come from the CRT concept of 1897 to the Smart TV of today! Today, the TV is central to any home entertainment setup. Here are, therefore, some select models arranged by features. Only a few brands – #Sony, #LG, #Samsung, and also, #TCL – are chosen to be featured here. The TVs will be arranged by screen sizes for the most part. Starting from 50 inches up to 75 inches at the bottom of this page, hopefully, it will be easy for you to find what you are looking for. Enjoy!

Vacuum cleaners

Keeping the home clean has been the desire of everyone who is fortunate enough to have a place of one’s own. Here’s a hand-picked list of good, reliable vacuum cleaners. These are powerful vacuum cleaners – mostly wet and dry models with 1000 Watts or more motors – to give even a professional level of cleanliness, taking only a small amount of your time!

Washing machines

Washing machines: Fully automatic

As more and more individuals and families have tended toward the urban lifestyle, it has come at a cost. However, to have clean, fresh clothes shouldn’t be considered beyond the reach of any. For this reason, it is prudent to look into a reliable washing machine for oneself and the family.

The fully automatic washing machine is no longer considered a luxury item. It controls all aspects of clothes washing, from water level and temperature to agitation time and intensity. Brands featured here are #Bosch, #LG, #Samsung, #Whirlpool, etc. – the usually trustworthy manufacturers.

Washing machines: Semi-automatic

Generally speaking, semi-automatic washing machines are top-loading machines. You have some front-loading semi-automatic machines as well. The basic feature of the semi-automatic machine is that you have to manually transfer clothes from the washtub to the spinning/drying tub. These provide a lower-cost option for most households. Reputable brands such as #LG, #Samsung, #Godrej, and #Whirlpool have tubs of sufficient capacity to fulfill the needs of singles, small, and medium-sized families today. Top-reviewed machines organized by each brand in this collection. Enjoy!


Watches for everyday

Watches will never go out of style. These are not just reminders of what time it is, but an important style accessory. Think of them as bracelets and fashion statements that tell you the time, take a call, and receive instant messages these days. Yes, don’t forget to think of them as remarkable pieces of fine engineering! Watches by #Maserati, #HugoBoss, #Casio, #Suunto, #Garmin, #Titan, #Victorinox, #Movado, #Citizen, #Fossil, #Diesel, and many others are in this growing collection. Why not start building a collection of watches to go with your mood, day of the week, and attire for the day!

Pocket-Friendly Quality Watches

In recent times, there are quite a few watchmakers that have emerged that offer not only great quality but also, at very affordable prices. Some familiar names – #Armitron, #Casio, and #Timex are obviously here. There are 4 main criteria for being included in this class: 1) Priced around Rs. 3000 to 7000. 2) A year or more of warranty. 3) Water-resistance of or above 30 meters/ 3 ATM. 4) A minimum of 4-star rating in reviews after adequate sales. In this some brands already have, and others will establish themselves. Keep on the watch for these watches!!! #Skagen #Timex #Armitron #Casio

Luxury Watches Only (LWO)

There is a section in this Shopping Area of SK’s featuring several watches. However, this portion is separately created to feature only the Luxury Watches. These would be no-compromise, high-end, beautiful, masterfully crafted, and certainly expensive watches to look at. The brands here include well-known names like #RaymondWeil, #Oris, #Movado, #MeisterSinger, #NomosGlashutte, #FrederiqueConstant, etc. Whether you get these yourself or consider making a gift to someone special, this is the space to look for watches. Thank you! Enjoy!

Smart living

What is smart living? It need not be at the forefront of technology. In fact, it may be an idea, which at the time it was first executed in the form of a tool or a gadget was simply perfect and has continued to last. It could also be an innovation or a neat invention that has come to fill a want. Any of those things that make life a little easier is in this category.

Water heaters a.k.a. Geysers

When the winters come, many parts of India – especially the further north one goes – experience a sharp decrease in temperatures. During these months, having a water heater becomes quite necessary for daily use. Offering here a selection of energy-efficient, and good quality water heaters.

Writing instruments & material

Let’s not forget the joy of writing! Whether you are writing something down in a diary the moment inspiration has struck or thinking of sending a handwritten note to someone dear, there are companions we can all have. Even if just keeping a pen handy for the odd note… here are some suggestions! For the most part, the pens are grouped together by their brands.

This is all for now. Any new changes will continue to reflect via this page. Please, bookmark and save this page to make your shopping on Amazon, both, an experience of ease and of pleasure. This page will serve as your map in the coming times. Thank you!

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