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Thank you for appreciating my work!  By taking the time to visit this site and choosing to share it with others, you have already made a contribution to my work.

What I can do for you

This website and all the content related to it is an example of my work with WordPress, in creative thinking & writing, and the use of graphics.  I can do the same for you.  I have a very broad range of interests and activities connected with these – psychology, psychiatry (both, for and against), the Bible, myths & religion, poetry, creative writing, art, and personal communications etc.  To a lesser extent, but still relevant nonetheless, I do interest in the news and politics.  In my spare time, I also like to dabble in technology, particularly the use of softwares.  It is a pleasure to research, promote, and critique all of these fields.  My way of life is simple, uncluttered.  I am not burdened by excess responsibilities and that affords me the chance to invest my time and energies for targeted results.

More than working for myself, I enjoy working for and with others.


So, if you would like me to write for you, create content, or work on your WordPress or Blogger websites, then kindly do get in touch.  Though this site doesn’t show it yet, I am also quite adept at conversation in English.

Some things for you to know

The way my life went, I couldn’t devote myself to a specialization.  The specialization I did sincerely get absorbed into – studying and teaching as one of Jehovah’s witnesses – quite frankly, seems like a whole lot of wasted time; a lot of harm, too, that came with understanding.  Gradually, I have come to not regret that but also appreciate the gains.

Quite simply, I take a deep interest in life and study whatever comes my way.  Then, I use my individuality to express my unique understanding of it.  Yes, what I do have is the gift of articulation – the gift of expression.  I’ve come to believe, the same work can be done in collaboration as well, rather than in isolation.

Work-related queries and requests

Please contact me at  for any work related to research or writing.  It would be possible to work through the details once the initial contact has been made.  I am very patient and can spend anywhere, from hours to months, researching specific subjects, as the need may be.  At the same time, it is always my effort to give the very best in every writing endeavor.  Unless the final result has quality, it is not worth doing.  All the work you see on this site – content, arrangement, design – and on various social network channels is done solely by me.  I work alone.  So, if you are interested and serious, do get in touch.  Let’s have an honorable, transparent, and mutually respectful exchange.  Thank you!

You can contact me regarding this site, by email to  Your suggestions and advice are welcome.

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Please, don’t forget to tell others about this site.  Thank you.

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    The Payments system for this site uses PayPal. Other systems will be integrated in due time.  Thanks.

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