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The section of the world, we want to see…none see all!

When you put a query into a search box of an engine like Google or Bing, are you not already directing what kind of information will be presented?  The direction you put yourself in contact with connects you to a stream of information.  That stream of information and what flows to your eyes and ears first is, determined by algorithms working behind the scenes.  In this concealed, superfast activity, views are being shaped over periods of time.  A person ends up confirming what he already believes, or wants to believe.  There is no shortage of evidence to find.  So the elephant is a wall, a spear, a snake or a tree…each blind man convinced by the limits of his own vocabulary of experience and knowledge.

Our style of learning and modern means to accept information has fundamentally changed the human mindset.  People lean toward extremism, not because of a shortage of information but rather due to an abundance of conflicting information.

None see all!

I believe, each man must face at least one very disappointing experience in life.  That experience should shake up his or her strongly held beliefs.  And indeed, there is sufficient diversity in this world to present at least one convincing anomaly without having to resort to lying.  When you see that evident anomaly, seek to understand it rather than deny it or fight it.  Let there be disappointment, but stay hopeful of finding something worthwhile beyond the disappointment.  IF you can breathe and think and act, then the next step is possibly taking you in a direction that still has meaning.  Who knows, you might put the spear and tree and fan together, and at least figure out the front of an elephant!  It would be better than what you knew before.  To be sure, it would be a memorable lesson in humility.  That humility is better than the blindness of men with eyes.

That humility is better than the blindness of men with eyes.


Idolizing knowledge

Knowledge is easily idolized.  It gives a sense of superiority to puny humans.  “See, I know!” or, “I told you so!”  Those words of arrogance are easily dispelled with a little humility, a question, and the willingness to search.  Sure, it makes a human feel uncertain, but that uncertainty is a good thing!

When humans pretend to have certainty of matters they really should not pretend about, lot of damage can happen.  The other person starts to believe, the one speaking actually is certain and convinced.  The listener assumes, there is existing reason for conviction, even when that reason is not enunciated.  That is why people with conviction mislead others, even when their own convictions have not been subjected to the test of diversity.  With doubts in mind, if the person keeps on pretending and misleading – subduing his conscience in the presence of awareness – such a person is culpable.  Such a person is responsible!

Knowledge is not to be idolized, because of itself, knowledge is only an instrument.  Humility is superior.  It puts knowledge to good use, even makes admission of incorrectness possible.  Where there is ignorance, it leaves room for growth.  So ignorance is not to be hated.  What is to be hated is, unwillingness to seem small and ignorant.  But all of us are small and ignorant before the Creator of all!  He does not despise us, or speak condescendingly.  He is remarkably accepting of our ignorance.  What He is not accepting of is, arrogance of those who think they know.

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