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Jeff Bezos’s view of the world and his understanding of the future

Jeff Bezos, like others, has a worldview.  A view of the world, or also called worldview, is such a fundamental part of our thinking.  As one approaches toward the end of one’s expected life, one finds that it is this view that was guiding him as a person.  Jeff Bezos’s view of the world would have developed as he gained more means and the ability to make his own and the dreams of others come true.  Now, it is secondary whether others have the means that he does or not, there is still the chance to know and understand what Jeff Bezos thinks.  He has revealed in an interview with David Rubenstein, how he sees the world, his future, the future for his grandchildren, and for the rest of mankind.  Would it be worthy of our time to at least give him a listen?

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As you listen, just skip over to 39:45 to get to the relevant part.  When you do, try to dismiss from your mind, your earlier notions of the man or your opinions about him.  Why that is important is because, it helps to make room to listen with an unbiased mind – in his favor or against him.

Jeff Bezos is optimistic

One might be tempted to say, it is because Jeff Bezos has the means and so he is optimistic.  Fine!  However, is it not also possible that he continued his pursuits because he was optimistic?  Don’t think of him, think of yourself.  What if you were suddenly given his means and his position.  Now you have everything he has.  Would you simply have the optimism to have meaningful, positive, impactful pursuits for the future?

This question is very important because, at this very time and in our world, there are belief systems that are awaiting the end of the world.  Such systems – Islam, Christianity, Brahma Kumaris, Bahai, Judaism, and many others, perhaps – are convinced that God wants to end the world as it is now.  Maybe, as you explore the individual groups and individuals among those groups, you would find varying degrees of certainty.  It is also true, each group would emphasize ways and encourage membership to ensure survival.  Eventually, if what they can offer is not better than what is now and humanly possible, no one would truly be interested.  Isn’t it so?  Now, Jeff Bezos has the thinking that if sufficient money and resources are invested, human beings are capable of creating that better future.  His optimism is based on technology, human will, and human ingenuity.

Are you fundamentally confident about humans?

The answer for you and me might arise out of our personal experiences, our beliefs. Our desires and our hopes too play an important role.  Maybe, if one is inclined especially toward spiritual thinking, then the idea of turning the world into a huge marketplace is not the least bit interesting.  That is fine.  However, why is it so impossible to be spiritually aware and also have faith for the future through humans?

Whatever will be the future, we can’t help but accept there will be other human beings.  It will be true even in heaven and hell.  If we have lost the acceptance of other humans, what makes us so sure we will regain it under better circumstances?  Maybe, we will simply be the sort who does not get along with others and neither wants to.  I think, there, the thinking of Jeff Bezos and how he works with teams of people is also something to think about.  Jeff Bezos is optimistic


and he accepts humans as part of the most valuable resource we can have.  Yes, human beings are the most valuable resource, even if one is purely thinking in terms of utility.

Lone achievers and social causes

It is good and maybe the only way to be an achiever.  What is?  To be alone and work on one’s dreams and ambitions.  There is no guarantee it will all turn out well in the end.  However, it might be good if it brings some social benefits.  Society may be slow to recognize it, but when others gain from it, people tend to come around.

In this time, there are political and social issues which many find without an answer.  Homosexuality cannot be accepted even in others and absolutely not in oneself.  This would be a moral issue.  Whether one supports or resists a political stance – Republicans and Democrats, Brexit or not – are other examples.  It would be impossible to go into the details of each personal situation attached to it, of course.  But, remember, we don’t have to since we are considering the worldview.  This is true for Jeff Bezos and for any other person.

One has to make up his mind, and then, disregard everything else.  Isn’t it true even when one thinks of personal salvation!  So, even though we are more aware of society today, we have to disregard what society is doing.  A person has to fully focus his mind on building himself and his future.  By one’s thoughts and actions, and less so by words, the society of tomorrow will benefit.  However, if there is malice, nihilism, thoughts of destruction and pessimism everyone can suffer.  The means one has will then become invested in bringing terrible destruction.  It is possible, yet again, that it would be required to finally attain that glorious future.  Preservation of life and an unending glory might emerge, after all, from death and destruction.


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