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Why a human is incapable of truth, but is capable of peace?

The truth could be seen as, when, a statement is the same as the existence of a matter.  When a man speaks of what is in existence, he offers his observation.  He observes, understands, and expresses.  If the understanding is the same as that of everyone else, it has to be regarded as truth!  This is what we understand as truth among humans – when we all understand a matter the same way.

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There’s truth, and there’s also the experience of it

Even though the truth is thought to be a single thing, there surely are many things that come together to make it what it is.  If there is an alteration in observation, for instance, does it not alter the understanding?  Does it not alter the expression of that understanding?  All of this naturally starts with the credible observation.  Disagreement about the observed subject is, the most fundamental disagreement.

It reminds me of when we were taught how to differentiate between a planet and a star in the sky.  Looking with the naked eye from the surface of the earth, the star seems to twinkle while the planet usually does not.  We were given the reason as, their relative distance from the earth.  The existence of the thick layer of gases in the earth’s atmosphere caused the difference in perception.  After going above the atmosphere, we would not notice the twinkling of the stars.  To an artist or a person who never noticed the difference in the first place though, it might mean nothing at all.  The twinkling of most stars and the steadiness of some “stars” is, an inspiration to the artist!

This is a simple example of, how different humans and human societies are.  Even in the pursuit of truth, pre-existing concerns, limitations, and observations can so define what we look for.  After finding something, we conclude a matter as settled.  In actuality, we might have found something we were always looking for in the first place.  Our thrill might cause us to conclude, what we ourselves might disagree with at another time.

The grand complexity we have today and the availability of knowledge, is not the way to truth.  Truth is reduced to a perspective.  When cherished perspectives are challenged, they can bring extreme reactions.

There is some truth, if it happens anywhere and anytime, it exceeds observation, perspective, understanding, or expression.  If a man dies and has been dead, what if he were to stand up again?  The english word is, resurrection.  The belief-system related to Abraham speaks of resurrections before and after Jesus.  By the time the examples recorded in the Greek scriptures came about, there was already sufficient opposition in existence to the growth of Christianity.

We are existing in a time of such uncertainty and brazen lies, we need miraculous events to revive our faith in the Creator.  He is the same Creator for all religions, languages, and people around the world.  His thoughts and actions are surely more embracing and nuanced than, the narrow perspective of men.  Our truth is limited by our own minds, but His mind is not limited like ours.  He is not limited by language either.

The diversity of belief-systems around the world is so staggering and so irreconcilable, it is not possible to conclude that, this is what the Creator intended.  However, on the question of life or death, I do wonder about one thing: If people are willing to believe that a human doctor can really save the life of a person, why is the Creator not deserving of the same amount of faith?  If we are willing to show faith in humans who lie so much, why are we unwilling to show faith in the Creator of all creation that exists around us?

There is a certain kind of arrogance and extremism that has permeated the minds of those who believe and those who do not believe in, the existence of a Creator God.  The polarization of views has become so pronounced, and the effects of that polarization are so pronounced that, we are now almost unwilling to accept the coexistence of different perspectives, different observations, and different ways of understanding.  Naturally our conclusions differ, but have they come to differ so much that we must use weapons to settle our differences?

No man has truth.  We are not even able to communicate clearly.  This should make us humble, not rigid and extreme.  We should be willing to listen, and accept what the Creator has permitted.  In all this, there is the assumption that peace is possible.  There is the hopeful assumption, it is possible to teach men to respect their own rights as much as the rights of others.  The facts today show otherwise, don’t they?

There are people who do not want peace.  There are people who would prejudge an idea, based on who speaks it.  People do become inseparable from their idea, their beliefs.  This happens when, hostile environments are created by changes that are too rapid for the human mind to accept.  Do we know, who or what is responsible for these changes?  Could we sustain the way we live by implementing such changes, as would make peace possible again?  The assumption behind these questions is in a spirit of hope and optimism.

I am fascinated by and impressed by people of modest expectation, the people who are not troubled by ambitions.  They actually desire a simple existence, and for their basic needs to be met.  The way of living that gives basic rights and necessities to all is a sustainable way of living.  The way of living consumed by desires and pride and extraordinary sense of self-importance is not sustainable, especially if all seek to be kings.  There is nothing that stops us from having an elevated thinking, but it does not require luxurious living.  A simple life is good for the mind, and good for the soul.

We are in a time when, we are witnessing sections of society going through extreme troubles due to war.  At the same time, there are people who have far in excess of what they really need.  What we know now is, their seeming prosperity has its own hidden dangers due to scientific experimentation and use of ideas that we don’t understand fully.  There are pollutants in the air, water, and on land that simply would not have existed had it not been due to scientific research.  The consequences are also unlike anything in history!  Keeping those things aside, it is simply the existence of war and the absence of war that broadly divides mankind today.  The equilibrium is rapidly shifting toward war, and we would be fools to ignore it.

The idea that one man has truth and the other does not, or my truth is truth and your truth is a lie is, a dangerous idea.  And yet, we find ourselves confronted by issues that seem to have their answers only in extremism.  Political, religious, economic, cultural, and social extremism is showing itself simply because of the way we have become so polarized.  Suppression and coercion fail, but so does discussion.  It really is a very difficult situation, and no one man can possibly solve it.  Even groups of men cannot solve these issues.  The issue is, God-given freedom.  Man is free to choose, and that choice includes the right to do what is wrong.

Can a man be content with pursuing truth, and letting the judgment of truth be left in the hands of the Creator?  Man cannot be so audacious as to claim, he alone has the truth!  At least, he should not be.  If a man makes such a claim, then he should be unafraid of letting that claim be put to the test and be able to stay calm about it while the examination continues.  For instance, there is no reason to fight over the existence of the Creator.  Why do men have to fight to prove or disprove His existence?  He is fully able to do so if He chooses.  What way He would manifest Himself and what it would mean might be very different from our expectations.  The Jews were puzzled about John, and they were as a whole unwilling to accept Jesus as the Messiah.  Jesus would then, have to return to prove his original words, and do so on a scale that spans the whole of mankind…without any prejudice!

In the meantime, can we simply show patience and give some space to each other?  When everyone will breathe slowly, anger has a chance to subside.  Mankind’s use of personal freedom is to be judged by someone who is able to understand, whom the Creator trusts, and entrusts.

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