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Tested by our own beliefs

The idea of freedom is an illusion. Human beings have never been free. We are chasing illusions, and we serve those illusions. So how can a human who is capable of believing, ever be free? Our beliefs hold us captive! What is more, we need something to believe in to do anything. The words that come out of our mouth are out of belief that, those words will carry the same meaning to the listener. IF not, then silence becomes belief!

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The truly peculiar thing I have discovered by observing people and their opinions from a diversity of cultures and countries is that, when the time comes, we are tested according to our own set of beliefs.

It does not seem logical at all that any human is born with a set of beliefs.  Every person born has been given something untouched and abstract by the Creator.  How soon external factors and situations start affecting a child in its mother’s womb is difficult to say.  Beliefs vary on this subject.  At what time does a child become conscious, even though it has been alive before?  Does the child become conscious right from the time it is alive, or does it gain consciousness at a specific point of time?  The simple fact is, no one on the outside could possibly know anything.  That a human child develops just as the child of an animal develops, is also true.  What makes humans different is coded deep within at a level no man fully knows or understands.  We have become aware of such knowledge only in recent times by an enhanced understanding of genetics.

Beliefs are checking, approving, and disapproving all the time
Beliefs are checking, approving, and disapproving all the time

There however comes a time, despite of what we understand through the knowledge provided by the sciences, when a person becomes conscious.  Right at that moment, has the child become ready for a way of believing?  Has intelligence arisen at the time of consciousness itself, or is there a later time?  Human beings are capable of asking questions and through ways that challenge our ethics, we are keen to discover their answers.  Sometimes I think, we challenge the very sanctity of life by asking questions about what a human is.  Then we sure cross a line when, we seek to find answers through experiments of science.  Science has found ways to study, but has it found ways to repair the damage it causes along the way?  Has science found ways to compensate the one who is hurt, or is justice no concern of science at all?

The pursuit of justice is truly the great reason why, science will never have all the answers.  In fact, the very real threat is: human disregard for life speaks of such injustice, only faith in God could fulfill what damage man is capable of inflicting.  Reason itself should lead us to faith!  IF our reason takes us away from faith in the Creator, then it surely is an example of biased reasoning.

Coming back to the question of beliefs, it is interesting how any human comes to believe in anything at all.  When a human sees people and events around, he is free to arrive at some conclusion.  That conclusion remains despite challenge, if the reason for that belief has power.  That is not just the power of a stubborn believer; it is the reason itself, and it is the faith.  Most people are capable of reason, just as most are capable of faith.  It is also true, beyond a point reason fails and so does faith.  Only the most basic thing remains – that, I believe, is what the Creator put there Himself.

Humans have an intrinsic goodness which, is unlike anything animals have.  Even among animals, they differ one from the other.  A dog behaves differently toward its master than a fish, and a cat is yet different.  The same way, humans differ from one-another, but there is a possibility of goodness!  Where does that possibility come from, if it is not put there by the Creator himself.  The ability and choice to do bad is common to man.  He is capable of bad, he is able to calculatedly commit bad, and he can also be selective in whom to do bad toward.  Is it not so?  These are the marvels of the human mind.  Surely, it is a reflection of the Great Creator who made man this way.

If humans let themselves be molded purely by the force of the society and the world around them, it is not a reliable force.  The society and the world keep changing, even deteriorating right before our eyes.  If human society is deteriorating and we offer our will to be in free fall with  it, then there is something amiss in the human who is letting this happen to his ability to choose.  Do you agree?  For the man to take responsibility for his own actions is a wise, an empowering thing to do.  No one should have to come and tell a person, you have to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions.

This is where the test arises.  A human measures his thoughts and actions by some standard.  Science or society or religious fellowship cannot provide that standard.  All these are relative and dynamic; they are changing fast, or do not address these issues at all.  Yes, conscience does answer these issues.  Conscience tells a person, it is wrong to steal.  The same logic and instinct also tells a person, not to break the trust of another person for it would mean the same thing as stealing…the stealing of confidence in fellow humans, in humanity, in the Creator who made humans.  It breaks trust, and then the reasonable conclusion is not to trust.  We see this happening today with politicians, religious leaders, and with those who provide news.  There is a breakdown of trust.  One lie can break trust, but truth from the mouth of an immoral person is automatically discarded.  How could a thief, or a murderer, or a homosexual tell the truth!  This is what any person is capable of thinking, and many are afraid to simply say it out openly.

Theft – the first time it is done – should alter something within a person.  Murder – the first time it is seen – should alter something within a person.  A homosexual act – the first time one hears of it – a person should see it as a perversion of what is natural.  Characterizing a person based on his act is human.  To judge a person based on our knowledge of another is to step into a realm, a realm that humans have never had the power to tread successfully.  To determine worthiness of a living, sentient being as to his or her eternal destiny is the hardest thing possible; it simply must come directly from the Creator.  If there is a man pure and honest enough, let him speak for the Creator!  Or let it be by the mouth of an angel sent by God.

Our purification does not last, because we find ourselves go back into contact with the world.  The world is impure, and with ascending impurity and descending morals the world is preparing for a final damnation.  Survivors will have to be beyond corruption, and there would have to be a new world.  Such a thing cannot be of human origin; it has to be from the Creator.

Existing belief-systems have provided to all humans something to have faith in, and reason to ask questions.  All existing religions – as mutually disagreed as they are amongst themselves in detail and following – have provided humans with a reason for faith.  Whether those reasons can stand up to scrutiny, it is difficult to say.  Any reason stands to scrutiny for the faithful believer.  For instance, those who believe in humanity have reason to think that something in man puts him above animals.  There is a belief in the intrinsic goodness of man.  To think however that, humans are the highest form of known intelligence and thus capable of moral self-determination is a mistake for which, we will pay dearly.  Does reason not teach us to humble, after all the mistakes humankind is guilty of over the millenniums of troubled existence!  We really should be through with acting so sure.

Our beliefs are tested when we see their failure.  Our beliefs are tested when we see the consequences we did not anticipate.  Our beliefs are tested when, despite all the good intentions and efforts, we fail to achieve desired results.  It is a tempting thought…to throw away the entire belief.  It is a tempting thought, to discard any association with anything worthy of faith.  All our reason might point to no reason for faith.  But what was the burden that reason was caused to bear?  Was it the idea of freedom?

The idea of freedom is an illusion.  Human beings have never been free.  We are chasing illusions, and we serve those illusions.  So how can a human who is capable of believing, ever be free?  Our beliefs hold us captive!  What is more, we need something to believe in to do anything.  The words that come out of our mouth are out of belief that, those words will carry the same meaning to the listener.  IF not, then silence becomes belief!

As long as a human thinks, he is capable of belief.  He is also capable of thinking, his belief is worth something.  When the Creator has placed this thought, this belief in the heart of a person, it is beyond any human power to destroy.  The reality of that belief is personal, it could be so that no one else could test or measure it.  The reality of the belief might not even be demonstrable.  It might not even be tested by the one who believes.  There are things humans still need to understand the existence of, if we are willing to believe they could exist.  There is a world beyond the physical.  It does not give bread to the hungry, but it fulfills a need that no bread can fulfill.

Beliefs are powerful things.  Our Creator must believe in the worth of human endeavor and human thought to permit life as it is on earth.  It is so easy to destroy, but is it just as easy to build?  The day the Creator loses his belief in the worth of our existence, we will all know.  There would be no argument, no resistance, and no answer.  This is what I believe.  Our life has meaning.  Our choices have meaning.  And the reality will be evident to all.  It will be good for the believer.  We will see the end of belief, and reason, and faith.  These things will have served their usefulness when the truth presents itself.  What is that truth?  Be patient!

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