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Jehovah’s witnesses prove themselves the antichrist, and no better than those they habitually criticize

These 2 screenshots (cropped for ease) are taken from the JW article about the 4 horsemen.  The article later shows Jesus as the first rider on the white horse.  So, according to the Watchtower publication, Jesus is not only one of the 4, he is also leading the charge!  By this understanding, Jesus is taking the lead in bringing troubles to mankind.  Do you find that logical?

Years ago, when people used to say, Jehovah’s witnesses are the Antichrist, I did not believe them.  Jehovah’s witnesses know the scriptures well enough to give an appearance of righteousness, and so they would carefully avoid giving any such obvious impression.  On the other hand, their fruits have shown themselves otherwise.  Individuals among Jehovah’s witnesses are not representative of the organization as a whole.

There are some exemplary, innocent ones who have suffered at the hands of a heartless, unapologetic organization.  The organization has done tremendous amounts of work, but so did the Pharisees and religious leaders before Jesus came to inspect all of God’s people.  Individuals found an opportunity to respond in accord with their hearts then, and they will now!

I am a strong believer in there being a time for all matters under the heavens.  When the time has come, exposed before the eyes of all to see, they admit to their true nature.  This does not mean quickly jumping over to the side of those who stand in absolute opposition, and abandoning everything there is to do with the worship of the True God.  No organized Christian religion at present shows itself worthy, or possible of being called “true”.  In fact, it is time for individual examination and making a decision that is justified in accord with personal faith, or lack of it.  For any true believer, his or her accountability should be before the Creator and not the creature.

The True God is known by his patience and His wisdom.  At the right time, He will also be known by His judgments.  In doing so, He is not disrespecting human freedom.  He very much respects human freedom, and hence is patient and humble.

There is a much better explanation of the 4 horsemen at GotQuestions.  There, the 1st rider on the white horse is correctly, and very logically identified as the Antichrist.  The correct understanding has real implications for those who believe the prophecy of Revelation 6, regardless of what organization you identify with, or choose not to identify with any!  Faith, not an organization should identify the believer.

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