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Realization and changes

There is a lot in life that depends upon realization.  We have the information before us a lot of the times.  The judgments as to whether that information is correct or not are important but remain secondary.  The more important factor is to move from interacting with the information and move on to the point of realization.  What would this be the evidence of?  It would be evidence that a person has interacted with the information in a meaningful way.  It has been more than just a superficial contact.  Rather, the person – you and I – have interacted and become prepared to derive a meaning.  Foremost, though, is the realization.

The journey from information to realization culminates in a change

The inner voice that speaks in the mind or even in the heart through the realization is preparing one for something.  It is preparing the person – you and me – for the change.  Yes, that is the purpose of realization.  The need for change produces an awakening; the awakening, in turn, necessitates the change.

Let’s take a simple example: Thirst. It is the realization of the need to drink water.  It is possible for a person to go without drinking water if one hasn’t been physically active.  The realization of thirst also doesn’t arise, especially during the cooler weather.  We must drink water.  We know that much.  Water helps to curb hunger and helps the brain to work better.  However, the specific need that the realization of thirst makes us familiar with is, not the need for water, but how important water is!  It is then one realizes the value of water.  Drinking water is the habit, but the renewed appreciation for water that came from sudden thirst is the change.

Realization and change

The realization, the change, and the decisions

There is hardly a person we find now who is not aware of the changes that have been taking place in technology, in our communication, in how we relate to one another and such major influences on our lives.  So, there is no shortage of information.  The realization – that internal mechanism that promotes change – though, is different for different people.  It cannot be hastened, and for some, neither can it be slowed down.  Some are quick to adapt, while others are not.  This, too, relates to maturity.

We can’t welcome all change as good.  That is true.  However, the realization, when it has come, is making one aware of something.  What decision we will make in the light of our personal realization is what separates one person from another.  I repeat – the decision we will make in the light of our personal realization.  Do we accept the change for a peaceful coexistence with others while remaining firm about ourselves?  Do we altogether reject the validity of another person’s experience because it does not coincide with our understanding?  Such questions and their answers determine so much about who we become as a person.  Yes, it has much to do with how we interact with others.

This realization of our collective existence is very much needed today.  Wouldn’t you agree?

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