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Keeping some confidence in other human beings

It is difficult to communicate with others if you do not have any confidence in them.  One of the things that make being a human special is the ability to communicate.  It is the ability to put thoughts into words that make us unique.  It is also, thus, reasonable to conclude that we alone are capable of such thoughts as we do have.  What an absolute injustice it would be to be an animal and have the thoughts of a human.  To be trapped in the animal form, unable to communicate in speech and writing as we are able.  Furthermore, it would simply not be reasonable to expect any animal to have the ability to formulate detailed, complex thoughts as a human being is able to.

Having said all that, there is this declining confidence, at least I personally feel.  It is extremely frustrating to see how human beings believe in the first place.  Of course, there is the need to believe.  Without belief, there would be no real, meaningful word of action.  For this reason, there is also the need to be careful about what one believes.  Though it may be possible to find something to appreciate in many different, even opposed beliefs, one cannot have a meaningful relation to those beliefs.

Confidence in others

One might say, it is an altogether fruitless thought – this having confidence in others.  Why?  For the simple reason, one would repeatedly be put into a situation where communication exists but understanding does not.  This being the case, it would be a challenge to the confidence one has built or is trying to build in others.  The need for such confidence exists because it is a human need to live in a society, even it may be as simple as just two people – a man and a woman being together.  In fact, nature and common sense tell us, this is the most reasonable way of thinking.

Disappointments, disillusionment, and the loss of trust challenge this confidence in others.  As a result, one keeps gravitating toward the idea of not communicating with others, not having the need to communicate, and thus also doing away with the very need to have any kind of confidence.  Having come to find in oneself the strength and the contentment, also the confidence, one can seemingly do away with the need to communicate.  The person who does so, then, will find himself alienating from society and the society’s occupations.  This is inevitable.

Enough confidence in others

There is obviously a wide open space between absolute confidence and no confidence in other human beings.  One finds it to be just enough confidence.  This is easier to understand.  What is more difficult to do is to find the others!  If one is among the rarer kind of humans, then one will positively find few of those he can relate with.  In this relating with others, one finds having to deal with first, the contradictions that are within himself.  If that is a big enough challenge, then it will be difficult to sustain more unpredictability with an increased association.

The strangeness of strangers will always be a challenge and the familiarity of those who become family too!  I would suppose, in all of this, one needs to find first the confidence in one’s own living, one’s own life & purpose, and then enough confidence in others will follow in due time.

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