Diplomat Excellence A2 Marrakesh Chrome Fountain Pen


  • All-metal casing. Polished chrome fittings
  • High-quality, multi-layered effect lacquer finish
  • Laser decor – fountain pen with a finely chiseled and polished stainless steel nib
  • Full-metal spring-loaded clip – exclusive closing system « Soft sliding click »
  • Made in Germany

Available with 4 nib-options: Medium, Broad, Extra-Fine, Fine.


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Size: Medium

Diplomat Since 1922
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Narratives of expeditions to the closest Turkestan falconers’ life, which make our spirit travel,

Some notes on a music score, that give life to sweet timeless melodies,

The imagination of an author which raises one of its young readers,

Sketches linked to fabrics, whose alchemy creates our comfort,

The desire to transmit, share a certain idea of life…

It is how Diplomat links the emotions of its users since 1922.

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Made in Germany, DIPLOMAT writing instruments have been manufactured using traditional methods of craftsmanship since 1922.

It is the combination of exceptional know-how and high-quality materials, that allow our pens, to stand the test of time and anchor the link between generations.

Our pens are all manufactured and manually tested in our workshops because no machine can replace the guidance and expertise of a passionate craftsman.

We chose metal as a manufacturing material, to ensure a perfect balance and impact resistance, to all of our ranges.

Our fountain pen nibs are custom made from Stainless Steel and 14K Gold, both offering a real writing comfort and a unique sensation of control.


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This high-level manufacturing process, explains why DIPLOMAT writing instruments stand the test of time and continue to share your stories.


You are looking for more information? Feel free to ask us anything! We’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Email: contact@diplomat-pen.com


For repair inquiries, you can contact us directly via the Email below:

Email:  reparatur@diplomat-pen.de

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