Google Wifi system (single Wifi point) – Router replacement for whole home coverage

  • A new type of connected system that replaces your router for seamless Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home, helping eliminate dead zones and buffering
  • Network Assist technology keeps your connection fast by always selecting the clearest channel and fastest band for your devices
  • A simple app gets you set up quickly and allows you to see what’s connected, prioritize devices, and pause the Wi-Fi on kids’ devices
  • A single Wi-Fi point covers up to 1,500 sq. ft., a set of three covers homes up to 4,500 sq. ft. Wi-Fi points work together so you can add more if you need additional coverage
  • Imported from The US and warranty not applicable!!
  • Warranty not applicable in India for items sold by Amazon Export Sales LLC
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While it remains a challenge to balance technology and simplicity, some things seem to manage that well. I am sharing with you some items, which in my opinion have brought a mix of utility and convenience.  These items stand to possibly become part of our lives and a gateway to services.  If function and ease are to your liking, do consider these!