Indian Maharani Painting Oil Painting On Canvas/ Maharani Canvas Painting/ Indian Art 48″ x 32″/ Fine Work Painting

  • Material: Canvas
  • Paint Type: Oil Paint
  • Dimension: 48″ x 32″
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The featured artwork is from the collection of Rajasthan Emporium and Handicrafts. Do visit to see the rest of their artworks for sale.

Each country has something special to offer.  India has its art.  There is a uniqueness of style and expression.  Subjective as it may be and the appreciation finally resting with the observer in the case of art, there are some pieces that stand to find admiration from anyone.  While art in the marketplace seems to be misplaced – since it is art, after all – buying an original is one of the noble ways to support the art and the artists.  The price of the artwork is related to the effort, skill, care, and mindset of the artist, and how rare his/her creations are significant factors.  I am putting together a small collection that has appealed to me.  It could do the same for you!