JBL Professional NANO K4-4″ Full-range Powered Monitor Pair


  • Contemporary design to reproduce legendary JBL sound
  • Aligned acoustic centers by careful positioning of the LF and HF transducers
  • Class AB power amplifier for high accuracy and low distortion
  • Power switch and volume control on the front panel
  • Musician silhouette on the rear panel
  • Embedded Bluetooth modular for connection with smart music players
  • M8 screwed pinhole for installation on a microphone stand
  • 12-degree angle placement bottom supports upright standing or backward tilting listening position
  • Best with AKG K141 MKII reference headphones

Product description

Design: JBL Nano K4

Nano K4 is a pair of primary-secondary powered monitor speakers designed for professional studios, music class, or home recording monitoring and supports Bluetooth pairing with smart audio devices. Nano K4 integrates the design philosophy of the JBL 4200 Series, the most loved studio monitor by professional musicians in the late 1980s, and carefully positions its tweeter and woofer for aligned acoustic centers of low, mid, and high frequencies. Image Control Waveguide technology from the flagship M2 master reference monitor is employed, to bring greater depth and subtle details to an even broader sweet spot. Nano K4 is embedded with a Bluetooth modular and supports wireless connection with smart audio devices. An integral M8 threaded nut in the bottom allows quick mounting on a standard microphone stand. A 3.5mm jack connector is available on the front panel for plug and play of a monitor headphone (best with AKG K141 MKII reference headphone). Having its base cut into two planes, the monitor pair can stand straight up or tilt 12 degrees backward. Nano K4 steps out of line for its contemporary design: greyish brown cabinet, bright-colored cone surround on the front, music-themed silhouette on the rear. For easier control of the system, K4 has its power switch and volume control front accessible. A combination of design, usability, and performance, Nano K4 strives to bring you the monitoring experience beyond your expectation. Nano K4 Powered Monitors Speakers are ideal for recording musicians, podcasters, and music, and video producers. These speakers can also be used by anyone as desktop/ desktop/multimedia speakers for an enjoyable listening experience.



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