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Keeping the thrill of technology in proper perspective to regain control in communication

The thrill of communication needs balancing with responsibility
The thrill of communication needs balancing with responsibility

People seek thrill.  To fulfill that pursuit they look for adventure.  We all happen to be in a world right now where the next adventure is as close as our mobile phone.  When connected to the Internet, the whole world is open before us.  There are the possibility and prospect of visiting any place, reading endlessly, watching videos, listening to music etc.  Still, the greatest thrill is the ability to communicate with others.  Is it not so?  While it is a thrill, how can all of us still maintain perspective and a quality of our communication?  The answer should interest us because we all stand to benefit while we enjoy our present technology.

Some discussion of a related matter was in the previous article about addiction to technology, and how one can counter it.  Younger readers were especially remembered in writing it.

Thrill with a sense of responsibility

Improvement in communication, particularly on a social network would start with a sense of responsibility.  While the thrill of using these technologies is always there, especially for the older generations, they also seem to have a sense of balance.  Therefore, it is the younger ones among us – those who have not had the experience of a different time to compare with – that need a gentle reminder.

We should all try to think of the time even just over a  decade ago when Facebook (2004) or Twitter (2006-7) were just starting.  These technologies have changed the Internet, and consequently the world we live in.  For the individual user, a world without these mediums is almost inconceivable.  Even large corporations and institutions are linked to these services.  In recent times, both Facebook, Google, and Twitter have come under scrutiny for their alleged role in US politics and elections of 2016.  However, if the fact were confronted, it really comes down to individual users who generate the content in the first place!  Is it not so?  The same holds true for communication of even mundane matters among members of society.

A personal sense of responsibility toward others in society should always be an underlying factor in our communication.  This will be a safeguard for us, and also enhance the experience of others on social networking platforms.  There are of course such individuals but more people need to start taking similar responsibility.  It would be a sign of maturity.

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