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How can the youth protect themselves from addiction to technology?

Addiction to technology is easy
Addiction to technology is easy

It has been with every generation, especially in the past 100 years that addiction to technology has been a very real possibility.  Since the start of the industrial revolution, the speed of change has been tremendous.  Dependence on machines and development in technology has gone hand-in-hand.  The younger ones, more enthusiastic and curious by nature, have had the opportunity to get the benefit of these technologies.  At the same time, once these came to be for common use, the possibility of addiction also increased along with it.  Any generation is susceptible, but what can those especially prone to it – the young – try to keep in mind to maintain balance?

Addiction to the technological adventure

Technology is the basis of the greatest adventure for mankind.  Many years back it was motorcycles and cars.  In the home things like washing machines and vacuum cleaners opened the possibility of a much easier life.  Flying in airplanes also has grown at a remarkable pace in the civilian arena.  All of this really the stuff dreams are made of.  While it may have begun to be taken for granted in Western nations, there are millions or maybe billions of people in developing nations who still can feel a sense of thrill at the prospect of using these technologies like bikes, cars, and planes.

Technology has taken mankind for a ride in more than one way
Technology has taken mankind for a ride in more than one way

Mobile-based Internet has presented a unique case for all

Mobile phones and tablets are small, accessible, and affordable for the majority of the world.  The spread of the Internet has been unmatched in two ways.  First, there never was an Internet in this world other than starting in the 20th century.  Second, it has continued to spread and develop at a pace that has simply kept picking up more-and-more.  The impact of such changes is simply unprecedented and unexpected.

It’s not necessarily the information we can access, but the technologies themselves that make the possibility of addiction very real.  The daily dependence on gadgets and the speed of innovation combine seductively.  It can present a formidable challenge to anyone, but especially the younger ones.

So what can be done to stay balanced and safe?

Any adventure should be coupled with a desire to stay balanced and safe.  The same is true for technology.  The guard against addiction is at the psychological level, even before one thinks about customizing how one uses phones and apps.  These are things we can all do:

  • Be content with what we have.
  • Don’t be overly influenced by the desire to show-off to “friends” or others.
  • Choose “friends” who show maturity.  What exactly is that maturity?  The ability to foresee the consequence of choices.
  • Thinking about others in an unselfish way.
  • Taking care of the body and mind for long-term health.

Since the future of this world and all life on it really depends upon the young people of today, when they will be happy and healthy, it will be a blessing for all of mankind.

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