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Becoming the kind of people who have a diversity of interests

We must step outside the tunnel to appreciate the diversity of interests and people
We must step outside the tunnel to appreciate the diversity of interests and people

Technology has affected not only societies but also the individual within them.  In particular, the way we search and access information has become very specific.  This is not a bad thing.  However, it also requires a user of technology to put this knowledge to use.  Using information is possible through understanding, and that understanding comes by being able to link together all relevant information.  It is the linking of information that produces originality, understanding, and even the personality of a person.  Therefore, society has come to be in need today of the kind of people who have a wide range of interests.  Such people – among whom we can think of counselors and diplomats – are the glue of society.  Being able to communicate with and understand a diversity of people makes for the possibility of peace and continued relations.  Shouldn’t we all put forth the effort to become such since the opportunity is available to us by means of the Internet?

Setting apart interests and occupation

One would surely want to be interested in what one is occupied with.  There isn’t another way to enjoy one’s work.  However, such is the demand of our consumption-and-profit-driven way of work that it does not leave the opportunity for spontaneity.  The loss of spontaneity is, to be sure, a great creative loss for our times.

As far as interests are concerned, human beings are capable of far more than they have the opportunity for.  Economic insecurity or the pressures of responsibility could stifle the spirit of a person.  Other than that, there truly are people who have to remain focused simply on survival.  The luxury of diversified interests is subdued by the urgent requirements of simply staying alive.  How else could one understand the situation that has continued in Syria, or North Korea, or along Gaza in Palestine?

For a person who is able to live a more-or-less normal life and maintains optimism for the future, it should be fairly natural to express interest in a wide variety of things.  Life is itself an example of versatility.  When one considers this earth in relation to the barren, known universe, there is really nothing like this.  There is such an abundance of life and we have the opportunity to appreciate it like never before.  The opportunity to travel and to learn we have now is unmatched in all of human history.  There is more opportunity to appreciate life now than ever was possible.  For strange reasons, a lot of mankind seems to be going in exactly the opposite direction.

Life is diversity
Life is diversity

Life is diversity

The inescapable, undeniable fact is that life has unending diversity.  The human mind and heart have unlimited ability to absorb this diversity.  In a limited lifespan, no person has ever had the full opportunity to absorb all of the diversity the earth has to offer.  There was Solomon, the wise king of Israel and there were wise men in all nations and civilizations who appreciated this fact.  We have today what none of those kings or wise men had!  We should naturally choose to appreciate this diversity.

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