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The value of having a fluid mind to interact with a diversity of people

A fluid mind is adaptable
A fluid mind is adaptable

Is peace a valid goal to have?  In the short term, it may not seem so.  In the long term, it is one of the ultimate desires.  The end of a war, the start of a conversation – it will all make sense if there is peace at the end of it.  If peace is not the end of it, nothing we do is worthwhile.  Ours will be an existence wasted in conflict and ending in pain.  With social networking, we have the opportunity to put this to the test.  We also have the opportunity to learn from our experience.  When we have finally realized, we will find the value of having a fluid mind in interacting with a diverse group of people on social networks.

What is a fluid mind?

A fluid mind is having the adaptability of liquid water.  For the time when one interacts with others, it is this quality of adaptability that makes three things possible:

  • To reflect
  • To have depth
  • To have freedom

These qualities add meaningfulness to interactions on a social networking site.  Of course, we wish to remember that interaction on a social network is like have a conversation in a cafe without walls.  Even if two or three people are in a conversation, there are limitless listeners.  While they may choose to be quiet, each one of those listeners has the freedom to contribute to the flow of an idea.  The train of thought can change direction very quickly.  It happens and cannot be stopped.

And yet, in keeping with the idea of human equality, one should begrudge no one the freedom to ask questions, make statements, and offer an opinion.  In this exchange, there are possibilities and hopes.  There are also frustrations, underlying motivations, and a wealth of personal experiences tied to every single person.  How can we forget that!

A fluid mind – one that keeps its depth – will be the instrument of peace.  No one can be absolutely flexible, nor one should be.  There are principles and reasons for character that we simply should not want to sacrifice.  However, in the interest of peace, it is wise to avoid confrontation and aggression.  We can maintain a certain confidence.  What is that confidence?  The winner of arguments is not the winner in life.  Time can defeat everything and everyone.  Decisions in the interest of peace, difficult as they may be, have an enduring value.  Those who value peace show a far-sighted approach.

Let it flow

Private discussions among friends and companions are different.  The same cannot possibly ever be accomplished on social networks.  However, there is a level of decorum and mutual respect that is possible everywhere.  This self-realization of responsibility is the lifeblood of society.  When each person’s interest in freedom would have exceeded all else, society will break down.

So, let it flow.  Let interactions and ideas flow.  Flow for peace!

In our interactions, should we come across those not interested in peace but rather in conflict, they too leave their mark.  The mark they leave is a spot on their own names.  Pass it by, and let it flow.  We must maintain the optimism that a time for such is possible, will come, and it will be an accomplishment for the collective human society.  Without such an ultimate goal, we are bound to hit the indomitable barrier of hate and pride.  May our fluid minds overcome that too!

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