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It’s okay to be superstitious right now

Hope is not superstition
Hope is not superstition

Why would anyone knowingly want to be superstitious!  There is enough trouble in life without being such.  Yes, it is not wrong to reach this conclusion.  However, when you look at the lack of reason in human society, it does give one cause for wonder.  One wonders specifically in this way:

We have today, a world unlike ever in the past.  How did we get here?  Quite simply, through human effort and innovation.  It is as though, mankind realized in the 2oth century period that we must collectively do our best to prevent the horrors of war.  This world has already seen wars, famine, and pestilences like…let’s say, we wouldn’t like to see again.  It’s that desire not to see these things again that has motivated human beings.

However, despite all that has been done, human dissatisfaction continues.  We are unable to escape from the clutches of the thinking and attitudes that produce human agony.  Why?  What superhuman power is not allowing those who believe in God and those who absolutely do not, to both fall into the same mindset of eventual doom.  There is, hence, this observation to make – Humankind is in need of hope!

Despite our great storehouse of knowledge, what we do not have is hope.  Those against religion mercilessly criticize it for reasons of hypocrisy, of mistreatment of the children, for gender inequality etc.  In the context of the world we live in, those criticisms are well-founded.  Justification is not possible for the evils done in the name of religion.  At the same time, those who claim to have risen above these things by abandoning religion haven’t done so either.  These very hypocrisies, mistreatments, and inequalities exist among those who oppose religion.  This is just an example.

The point I am trying to make is this: We have no shortage of people, or ideas, or knowledge.  What we have is a shortage of hope.  Now, if that hope doesn’t come from religion, then it must come from somewhere else.  It must come from the people – society, you, and me.  IF society also fails along with the failure of religion, or government, or our cherished institutions, then…then, there really is no hope.

Hope exists within humans, or let us say, the ability to hope exists within humans.  We are able to hope, even if falsely to get us through the day.  If we have true hope, then there is a sense of security that comes with it.  There is a peace that can be felt from hope.

There is a God.  I believe, that God is not confined to any one religion, but that God is expressed varyingly through all religions.  Due to the difference of language, we differ in how we understand and express idea.  Still, our need for hope and peace and security are common to all.  This is God-given.  The God I believe in must understand the qualities he has put within the human mind and heart.  This is no superstition.  This is a conviction.  It will come true in time.

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