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Why is it that so much conversation fails to produce change in society?

Conversation with intent, also with hope
Conversation with intent, also with hope

Conversation is so uniquely human.  Even in the stories we write, one of the fascinating capabilities a writer can give to his imagined beast is to talk like humans.  A bird, a dragon, a serpent, or some other ferocious beast takes on a new life as soon as it talks like humans do.  From there, the story changes.  If the bird or beast were very powerful or beautiful but, never had the ability to converse like us, it would not have the same appeal.  We can talk, and we can listen and respond.  This is an amazing thing.

So much conversation, but so little satisfaction

There is an addiction today.  It is the addiction to information.  We have somehow become fixated on the exchange of words.  We have come to believe from experience that words can bring change.  Yes, words do bring change.  However, it does not mean that the more the words, the better the change.  It is also possible that all these conversations are hiding the real underlying problems.  We are putting layers and layers of words, while the real issues are not being dealt with.

The real issues are human greed, envy, selfishness, and blind ambition.  The issues are actually moral and spiritual in nature.  While we spend time ruminating on what the next legislation should be, which laws to alter, rescind, or implement, society does not benefit in a fundamental way.  The fundamental change in society we wish to see is founded not on laws, but on an education in morals.  We do happen to be in a time today when absoluteness in morals is found to be both, undesirable and impossible.  The views that were developed on the basis of ancient moral codes are there for a reason, but there conflict with the human desire for personal freedom is undeniable.  Words like “do not kill”, “do not steal” seem meaningful – are meaningful – but lose their meaning in view of, for example, what governments and armies are guilty of during times of war.

Individual responsibility will be the answer

No matter what we say, ultimately it will be the responsibility of an individual to respond to the education, the information.  Those who desire to see changes in society, in religion, or in government will always have to be content with what is less than satisfying.  Religion, society, or government are ideas.  While we can try to perfect those ideas in our speech and writings, we cannot do away with the fundamental flaw.  The fundamental flaw – what the Bible calls sin, resides within human beings themselves.  It does not mean an utter helplessness but, in the face of the effects such as corruption and death, we collectively find ourselves in such a state.

As individuals, there continues to be hope.  This hope is centered on an ongoing fight against the corruption in ourselves.  We stop ourselves from acting on impulses.  We do not give into every desire that comes to our heart and mind.  We exercise restraint.  When there is a decision to be made, and we have conviction, we can then fully be invested in pursuing it as a purpose.

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