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Admiration is only natural to feel

Admiration for the natural wonders

There is so much worthy of admiration in our world.  There always was, but we did not have the chance to know the existence of such places and creatures.  And now we are in a time when, if we choose to, we can find an endless supply of examples of Godly and of human creativity.  There is human architecture to inspire wonder and there is natural scenery to do so on a far grander scale.  Should we have the inclination to look beyond what our eyes can see on the terrestrial level, there are also the oceans of nearly infinite width and depth.  Add to that the endlesslessness of the cosmos, and one lifetime is surely not enough.  Oh, how our bodies are prisons of confinement from which our minds, hearts, and spirits eventually seek to escape and discover the eternal creation of the Most High God!

And while watching the affairs of mankind, it is with absolute certainty that I can see, how pitiably wrong a direction we have collectively taken.  We have built a world where weapons and politics have ascended to become the foremost concerns and occupations of the human mind.  This is the greatest tragedy, and it is of satanic proportions.  Did God truly create mankind to be divided by parochial concerns over parties, campaigns, elections, and advertizing?  Or was man created to, first and forever, have an admiration for the creation around him, of which he too is a most significant part?  If human beings understood the connection with the rest of creation, there would be no reason for them to desire anything other than what the Garden of Eden was.  In fact, even now, with all the advancements in science and technology, the ultimate achievement of the human family would be to restore the same Garden of Eden as a Paradise of pleasures where all men, women, and animals could forever enjoy life.  This is the unsurpassed vision and desire.


Finally, if man were to leave this body and turn into a spirit, I cannot imagine any greater pleasure than to be able to watch all of the creation restored to the health, vibrancy, and peace of Eden.  Perhaps, not only the earth but on other distant planets in the universe, the same beauty and peace of earth could be replicated for eternity.  It’s a spiritual dream and a hope.  It is an intoxication from which no waking up could ever be desired.  We need only find that place.  May God take us beyond the sin that still rules over us, on to the freedom of the children of God!

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