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Existence – Poems by Christopher Venerus

Existence is about life. Existence is the spiritual journey of a man who is traveling through time. It is experiencing one’s own existence in the larger reality of history and of anticipated visions for the future. Existence is sensing the poetry.


Existence is about being a boy, growing up to be a man. He discusses the ruins of Ancient Rome, linking it to the fall of his childhood; travels by ship from England with ambition reminded of sagely wisdom in the Pacific. The poetry builds companionship with Pythagoras, empathizes with Sisyphus, and lives a dream aside Marcus Aurelius. There are memories of loving “The Wondrous Lady” and the sharp pains from jealousy. As any honest man would admit, there is also the standing lonely as “Disillusioned”. The poet takes you on his own spiritual journey throughout the 208 poems wherein he questions God many times. Yes, he always seeks the Divine. He seeks meaning, he seeks answers, he freely expresses his troubles and frustrations. The very things uncomfortable to share – and perhaps, it never was his initial thought – speak for those who are hurting today. From the repeated nostalgic reminiscing of the “Sacred Boyhood” persisting on “Towards the Infinite”, it is a journey where one takes many laborious steps. Yes, some steps are taken many times, but there is always a courageous, thoughtful, onward movement with a solid sense of hope.


If Christopher, from one of his poems, could speak in a few words, he might say:

“Suffering’s reason we do not fully understand,

but I can endeavor to partially expound my friend,

many sharing your struggle in this tearful land,

as our souls to this world did descend.

It is crucial that you work bravely to withstand,

as you’re on your voyage of purpose grand…” ~ taken from, “Left in the Void”.


Or, he might choose these words from the poem, “Golden Age”:

“During those playful days sublime,

in those bright fields, always pure,

it was truly a triumphant time,

with never any suffering to endure,

as all Beauty then seemed to align,

overflowing with that joy Divine.”


Having read this entire book of poems over the last few days, I can honestly say, there are dignity and depth in these words. Especially the young with spiritual intent, an inner necessity for inquiry, would derive much benefit from reading the poetry by Christopher Venerus, that is in Existence.

– S K Ditta.

Update (July 1/2018)

Christopher has presently discontinued the sale of the eBook for Existence on his site.  At a future time, the print version of his poetry could be available.  Meanwhile, do enjoy his posts on the site Poetry Immortal.

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