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Think Big Sunday with Marsha

For the past few weeks, I have been participating every weekend in a campaign organized by Brand Influencer, Marsha Wright.  It goes by the hashtag     The experience of interacting with others, the opportunity of sharing some ideas valuable to me, seeing the contributions of others, and at the end of it all being able to say, Thank you – each of these has made my weekends enjoyable.

Inviting some of the ones known to me on Twitter, those whose presence, contribution, and communication has been rewarding was another fun thing for me to do.  Once in awhile, I would retweet something from them with the hashtag  and in not too long, Marsha would retweet it to her hundreds of thousands of followers.  This human interaction, I have come to find, is the real power of social networking.

Just in these 4 weeks or so, I have witnessed the growth of this movement.  Even during the week, when the designated time is up, I notice people (including myself) using the hashtag and continuing to tweet.  Of course, this shows, how it is natural to crave and build upon every positive experience we get to have.

So, when I saw this Tweet from Marsha Wright, I knew it was time to write a few words.

Basically what I want to say is, Thank you for lighting up the weekend with this positive activity, and all the energy surrounding it!  Thank you, too, for all the volunteers who set aside their personal time to make this weekend campaign a success.  I only found out more about it when looking through Marsha’s own website.  So I felt it necessary to include it in a “Thank you” tweet.

As I have benefited and can unreservedly vouch for it, my encouragement to you would be to certainly go ahead and give this weekend campaign a try.  Why not start this weekend! 🙂

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