Letters from the Airy Deep: A Voyage of Discovery, Romance, and First Contact


It is the mid 21st century. In a world where man reached for the stars sooner than our own, a man and a woman enter the atmosphere of Thalassa, an ocean planet lit by the crimson glow of Proxima Centauri. The vanguard of a massive colonization fleet, they are but one of many expeditions exploring the new world. Traveling in their zeppelin through the skies of Thalassa, they become the first man and woman to experience the oxygen-drenched atmosphere, fifty times thicker than Earth’s at the surface, and its rich ecosystem full of birds, bugs, floating “gasbags”, and even floating airborne reefs, all far larger than their terrestrial counterparts. As they see, hear, smell, breathe, and even touch the wonders it harbors from the warm sunlight of the day side to the unearthly bioluminescent ambiance of the night side, their love for each other will blossom into a new ambiance of romantic passion. But even amid all the awesome wonders and new discoveries, the true prize of their quest is what the man has been training for from childhood, the greatest discovery of all time: first contact with alien intelligence. Will he, with his newly beloved woman at his side, meet his destiny? Their tale is told in these, their Letters from the Airy Deep.


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My review, as seen on Amazon

Hello, everyone!

I have had the pleasure of meeting, getting to know the author, Adamas Nemesis, and interacting with her since our first meeting on Twitter. She is very kind and intelligent. For those who get the chance to interact with her, most would readily say that they benefit from her observations.

About this book, “Letters from the Airy Deep”: I received it on my Kindle last weekend. And, it has been a pleasure to read it. It’s written in a very easy and engaging way. However, that is just the beginning of the experience. The plot of this romantic novel is set in a better world; a world superior to our Earth, and yet deriving from what we can appreciate right here. Its vision is of optimism, of hope, and of a basic confidence in human beings. That confidence comes through as one explores the characters – Ilmatar and Ilmarinen. It is the story of the love and adventures of a man and a woman; of their blossoming relationship.

This novel has come out in the year 2020, and for this special reason, it is all the more to be appreciated. When most of the world is busy contemplating and complaining about all that is wrong today, the author has taken a completely fresh look at life. She has opened before us the possibilities that lay before us. And, for this special reason, I am confident that this writing will be enjoyed by the young and old who are yearning to keep alive within them the hope, the prospect of a better future!

That future is looking back at the reader through the words of this book, this romantic novel.

Thank you!

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