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Short thought – 2 – the space and place of life

I saw war and I saw peace,

I saw time and I saw space.

I saw the needle’s tip and a strand of hair,

I saw the butterfly’s wing and a hungry bear.

Experiences vanish and memories cease,

Man’s woes will grow as knowledge will increase.

The abundance of knowledge and meaninglessness of individual existence has coincided like never before.  Connections are made of what we understand of creation, and it is difficult to simplify who the Creator is and what he is like.

beautiful bloom blooming blossom
The entirety of life… if it could be beautiful and delicate as a butterfly’s wings

Eventually, we are to see what we want to see.  Persuasions of the informed surrender to the persistence of questions.  The breakdown of the human world and the human mind will crack open concealed good and evil.  It is happening now.

For this reason, we see the growth of extremism.  Humans do not wish to give up the sense of power.  They fear the truth.  So we make our own truth and bask in the comfort of a sun that must set.  Even now, clouds conceal it.  Mankind is naked to the eyes of the sun that hides behind clouds.  The clouds will vanish and we will seek the shade of some tree of a lost garden.

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