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Short thought – 5 – peace along the pillar of fire and cloud

Peace is what everyone wants...finally
Peace is what everyone wants…finally

In reflections on peace…

Fire falling from the sky,

Cloud rising from the ground,

The humble were concealed by the divine eye,

Humiliated the face of everyone proud.


A pillar of peace and justice,

The work of God so appeared to guide,

It freed a people from slavery and vice,

That His name would forever abide.

Humans have created their own pillar of fire and cloud, though not the same as the one created by the Almighty Creator of all things.  The scientific understanding of the atom and harnessing its hidden power in the time of war, has led to the indiscriminate and ruthless killing.  Should man learn to control these powers and use them with great precision at will, down to the level of an individual, what guarantee is there that man would ever know where to use this power in a just way?  How would man distinguish between someone righteous and someone unrighteous?  What criteria will powerful humans use?

Our understanding of concepts of justice can penetrate only so far; as far as the spiritual discernment given by God and afforded by one’s own will.  Besides, our vision is tainted by what we desire to see.

We acquired great powers of many kinds, varied in application, but we did not ever find humility and wisdom with it.

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