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Short thought – 4 – the bane of criticism

Crud in the eye of the mind,

Sourness in the blood of the soul,

The critic elaborates an idea he would find,

In time he will be famous as a blind fool.

The spirit of criticism puts a man in an endless cycle of ingesting and expelling negativity.  When a person first sees flaws in what all have come to expect and accept as reality, there comes the sense of a remarkably clear vision…like eyes opened for the first time, and breathing fresh air.  The illusion of a clear mind is soon replaced by the realization of a worn-down soul.  A sense of humor can help, but how long can one keep mixing honey in poison, and hope that the bitterness will not burn the tongue!

woman in white tank top
All that appeals to the senses isn’t healthy

The deceit of sweet poison kills the same as bitter poison.

The Creator has on the other hand, from his superior vantage point, always known if certain pursuits will bring damage or harm in the future.  If He were prompt in utterance, impatient in His displeasure, what would life on earth be today?

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