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Finding peace through a willingness to adjust

No solution is possible without adjustments
No solution is possible without adjustments

The willingness to adjust comes upon consideration of several factors.  While it is tempting to let all of one’s thinking and desires be centered on oneself or one objective, life rarely lets it be so simple.  There is a multitude of considerations for every person who recognizes his responsibilities.  Such a recognition brings a slowness of judgment, a waiting attitude, and a mind that is able to consider several factors.  It is very much possible, the factors one has to consider may be many and mutually conflicting.  This presents a test for any person.  However, it is the willingness to adjust that finally opens the possibility for peace.

It has continued to be fashionable for quite some time now to stand one’s ground, not give in, and remain closed to the possibility of agreement.  It cannot be denied, each of those variations of self-centeredness has a viable place in human behavior.  It simply is impractical to forgo all of the self.  However, those tendencies took on an added forcefulness during times of accelerated changes.  For the sake of keeping a sense of security, people have nearly eliminated the possibility of adaptability or flexibility.  This seems to be all the more heightened with the way people interact with information on social networks.  People seem to have been conditioned in a rigidity.

Self-awareness enables adjustment

Adjustments have a connection with how we relate to ourselves.  Yes, it is the ability to maintain confidence and calmness that permits the willingness to adjust.  The unwillingness to adjust is very closely connected with fears and insecurities.  This plays out again and again in how we interact.

When there is a self-awareness of genuine reasons to leave room for adjustment, already a person has shifted away from his insecurities.  There is a willingness to concede room for uncertainty.  This is a strength, not a weakness!  When there is a permission to the self to have room for maneuvering, to make mistakes, even to fall down in mistake or weakness there is a liberating of the mind from the clutches of fear.  We find ourselves in a strange place as human beings.  We have disallowed ourselves and others from making any mistakes, as though the technologies we use have somehow perfected us.  This is not the case now, and it will not be the case even with the passage of time.  Human imperfection continues despite the greatest personal struggles!  The willingness to make adjustments gives breathing room to ourselves and others.

Making peace a priority

Peace should be a priority because it most closely reflects our true need and our final desire.  Why does a person seek to have financial security?  For the purpose of not having anxiety, for the sake of peace.  Why does a person seek to go to heaven and not hell?  Aside from the fear of torment and endless suffering, the alternative presents the possibility of endless peace.  We seek peace as the end of our endeavors.  No matter what goals we set ourselves, do we not seek to achieve them?  Why?  Because we hope to find the peace of having achieved them and the peace of the benefits thereof.

Aside from peace of a personal nature, there is the peace one hopes to have with others in a relationship.  There is a realistic possibility of such peace only if there is the willingness to make concessions, a willingness to make adjustments.  Without such ongoing possibilities, peace has little chance of continuing even if it be found.  A very simple conclusion we can reach is this: Peace is better than its absence.  In order to find peace, a willingness to make adjustments is a must.

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