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Working with artists on Twitter – a privilege, a pleasure

I was just recalling in the last post about how more of my time was spent engaging with others.  A lot of that engagement did come through Twitter.  As many have found, it is a medium that allows for speed and brevity.  Brevity, too, is not so much an issue now because it is easy to thread Tweets together.  Anyway, the highlight for me since late 2018 has been, working with artists on Twitter.

Starting, and then, continuing with some artists

Before getting into a few details, it is appropriate to add that the inspiration for the idea came in some way from ThingBigSundayWithMarsha.  Marsha Wright has been supporting entrepreneurs, small-business owners, and so many others during the weekends.  All one has to do is, use the Twitter hashtag #ThinkBigSundayWithMarsha.  Below, I have simply listed in chronological order as I had the chance to work with different artists by an informal arrangement on Twitter.  This was for pleasure, and it did bring me much, indeed.  In the process, I suppose, it also worked to assist those who are good and recognized artists themselves.

Starting with Jane Newland

The first artist I worked with and in very simple terms was Jane Newland.  Some of those early tweets are:

She does have lovely artwork as anyone can see.  It was surely a pleasure, and also interacting with her.  Her positive personality comes through in both, her art and her conversations with everyone.  Please do visit Jane Newland’s website, if you haven’t already, to know more about her.

Working with Kendall Kessler

Another artist I have had the pleasure of working with is Kendall Kessler.  Of course, she is a recognized artist as Jane Newland is.  My contribution has simply been to recognize their efforts and add a suitable quotation with their existing artworks.  Most of the time the arts speak for themselves.

Some of the tweets where I could provide a little thought or encouragement are as follows:

If you have not already, please do visit Kendall Kessler’s websites either at Pixels or at Wix.  From there, you would also be easily able to find her on FineArt America and Etsy.

Working with Angeles Pomata

The last artist, and certainly not the least, is Angeles Pomata.  She, too, is one of the wonderful artists we are privileged to have among us on Twitter.  She, too, like Jane Newland and Kendall Kessler is very well-known.  Her art also has the ability to speak for itself.

Some of the tweets where I added a quotation from one of the well-known authors or writers are, as follows:

If you haven’t done so already, please do visit Angeles’ website.  You can also find her at FineArt America.


Other artists and photographers

This, I am putting, as a separate section not because of preferences or the quality of work.  These simply are individuals with whom I have not made even an informal arrangement or informed them in advance of my intentions.  Presented below are some of the modest efforts, to support on Twitter, those who are capable and active by their own arts and merits.


In just a short span of time, from December of 2108 to the present day in March 2019, this has been a very enjoyable experience.  Like stated at the outset, it has been a privilege and a pleasure.  I suppose it would be easy and appropriate to conclude with a tweet which stated about my intentions and efforts in as simple a way as possible.  I would request the readers to get to know and support these artists, and the ones I haven’t been able to mention in this post.  Thank you!

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