The WG magic speaks first, unhindered

The Waltz Garden

Hello. 🙂

While I was taking the time to select from among the postings of The Waltz Garden, there were some starting from the beginning of 2020, that stood out. Actually, there isn’t any that does not stand out. These simply became instances that could be chosen from a beautiful list, where nothing deserves to be ignored. This selection is an outline, for what serves as my inspiration. Therefore, quite appropriately toward the end of this selection, you will find the entire Twitter Timeline from The Waltz Garden – the chronology of a real, magical place.

It seems I have already spoken enough. There is another post, to follow immediately after the one you are reading on this website. Now, let us have the WG magic speak first, unhindered…

Catherine (mom), Francesca, and Alexander

Your window into the complete, unhindered magic of The Waltz Garden

From here, you would always have the chance to look through the entire chronology of what the beautiful Waltz garden has to offer. Enjoy! 🙂

My only suggestion is, as you may think, that you are coming close to the end of this chronological record of the Waltz Garden: Please, don’t rush through it. Take your time. Go back and forth through this experience. As you can see, I have added virtually nothing to the postings from The Waltz Garden; merely highlighted a few instances, and allowed the garden to express itself. In the next post, of this 2-part series, I will share with you some of my own thoughts. Thank you, for your time and attention. Along with gratitude, best wishes, to The Waltz Garden.

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