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The conflicts and infighting of humans will end

To look upon the conflicts of mankind is an experience of great dismay.  Yes, there are those who have firmly come to the conclusion that to be in a state of perpetual conflict and infighting is human destiny.  For we seem to have evolved from the lower state of existence through our struggles, developed into primates, and finally have culminated into our present human state.  We have, therefore, come to where we are by virtue of our struggles and we need to continue to struggle to get to where we are finally supposed to get.  Conflicts and infighting are hence, the very normal and expected order of the human day.  Having dismissed all suppositions of theory, dismissed the uncertainties of Charles Darwin, and not fully satisfied with the religious narratives, we are now intellectually satisfied with science.  As nothing more than higher animals, it is our duty to fight.  It is our duty to recognize those fellow animals who will join us in the fight as members of our tribe, our race, our nation, our religion, etc.  We will fight; then we will come upon an uncertain peace; then, we will resume fighting to maintain the semblance of peace of our fickle constructs.  This is the great human achievement – a life of uncertainty and perpetual fear.

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No amount of education and teaching will withdraw the human mind from its fascination with decay.  Human beings have consciously and systematically determined that conflicts and infighting are inevitable.  It has become the unfailing, self-fulfilling prophecy of mankind.  Peace does not last.  Peace will not last is, the only reliable conclusion humans are willing to fully trust.  If someone were to say, peace can last and we will no longer need to fight for our needs, this will be readily disbelieved.  Since the disbelief is so instantaneous, the urge to continue adding struggles to our personal and others’ existence is always ready at hand.  All we need today is an excuse to engage in conflict, in some form of infighting.  All human conflict is infighting, for we most readily find reasons to dismiss the fundamental humanity that is most easily observable.  The conditioning to the contrary starts as early as possible.  Once the views are hardened and set, there is only the continuation of the assigned role of the conditioned, trained, “evolved” fighter.

Human existence is truly a sad observation.  Conflict and infighting will remain the eternal reality of humans…unless the Creator of all mankind will intervene in one final act of justice.  Lovers of hate and violence will have to be removed with their determined, degraded souls into a realm that sets them apart from lovers of peace.  Those loving peace and hope will find it.  This judgment must remain solely with the One who can look into the human heart and soul and see it in the context of all that soul has experienced.  This is humanly impossible, but with God, it is possible.

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