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U.S. to move Israel embassy to Jerusalem May 14

That’s a lot sooner than expected.

Source: Scoop: U.S. to move Israel embassy to Jerusalem May 14 – Axios

Relevant discussion from December 21, 2017, General Assembly Overwhelmingly Adopts Resolution Asking Nations Not to Locate Diplomatic Missions in Jerusalem

The point has often been made that Israel is the only real democracy in the middle-East. Increasingly though, many democracies are beginning to take on the hues of a dominant religious ideology. The phenomenon can be seen in the EU, in the USA, and in Asia with countries that have espoused secularism, diversity, and democracy since the end of WW2. Israel too is now leaning toward the historical narrative of the Old Testament. By nothing more than political maneuvering, not by divine command or direction, the situation is being created that reminds the masses of what it would have been like in ancient times of divine miracles. If there is some speculation that such actions can induce action from the Most High God, then obviously the entire story of Jesus and the records of the New Testament are being discarded as irrelevant. If one looks through the New Testament, then the historical position of Israel’s uniqueness finished with their rejection of the Messiah. The position taken by Israel and supported especially by the USA demonstrates the rejection of Jesus Christ.1 It is important to remember, these are still political maneuvers and clearly visible not to be divine actions. If the political will exists otherwise, these dangerous developments can be stopped purely by human will, diplomacy, and the channel of the United Nations Assembly.

The United Nations, is again, the ultimate human effort to bring together the political will of all the existing nations. The special status of recognition as observers is accorded even to non-member states.2 The frustration from not having found any lasting solution through the UN mechanisms is understandable. And while it may be opined that the US and Israel are merely exercising their power to reach for a decisive solution, the religious ideological underpinnings of the entire concern, the direction, and the outcome cannot be denied. In this entire scenario, the position of the religion of Jehovah’s witnesses makes the most sense.3


  1. The questionable use of the term Judeo-Christian in political discussions is especially worthy of note.
  2. It demonstrates the openness and balance the UN strives to maintain.
  3. Does Bible Prophecy Point to the Modern State of Israel?
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