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Indian government’s demonetization step – rooted in the concept of the divine

Try as one may otherwise, the human mind by necessity needs to have some basic concepts about the world around us.  The concepts we have could be, should be, of a more general nature.  Upon these basic concepts, details are added through observations, experiences, training, and learning.  If the basic concept is correct, they will remain in place, even if the overlaid details undergo tremendous changes.  Yes, the step to demonetize the banknotes with 500 and 1,000 Rupees value also are based on a concept.  Despite the emerging news of its failure in job creation, or failure to achieve its said goals of removing “black money”, corruption, and terrorism, there is a solid underlying concept.  The passage of time must show, if that concept is correct or not.

The first section of the quote in the previous article, says: “In God’s creation, humans are endowed with fundamental goodness.”

Should such a concept form the basis of a significant government economic policy?  Is this concept grounded in reality?  Does this concept have permanence, despite the disheartening news of its undesirable failures?  Yes.  The continuation of human life, despite the many blemishes of human errors is testimony to the fact, even God sees this to be true.  God shares the same confidence about fundamental human goodness, and so our existence continues with worth, meaning, and purpose.

The history of humans, when studied in the details of individual and societal decisions, gives a more complicated answer than, a simple yes or no.  We are left with a much-muddled picture of and confidence in, the goodness of humans.  The present-day critics are bound to find a number of specific reasons to dismantle the the entire exercise after demonetization, or leave a feeling of imperfections in the expected results.  But few critics argue against the basic premise.  To do so, is to argue against the nature of man and the nature of oneself, as being a human with fundamental goodness.  That is self-condemnation and anti-human-preservation…few would wisely wish to engage in such.

There are people who argue against the basic concept of human goodness, not by words, but by their actions.  Examples in history can be shown that clearly show how, even the understanding of what goodness is, who is good, and how it is expressed are deeply subject to human reasoning.  When it comes to reasoning, humans are nearly limitless to follow some belief or system of belief and find explanations of actions and words that wear the garb of goodness.  No such garb has any value to the eyes of the One who gave us life, and is the One to judge life.  So, our skills at reasoning or being clever in providing justifications is quite pointless before the Supreme Judge.

Spiritual concepts are part of human thinking
Spiritual concepts are part of human thinking

Spiritual concepts in the presence of material failures

It could not be that, the government wanted only one kind of success in taking such a drastic step.  If demonetization only served to present to India and the world, the spiritual nature of the decision and the state of mankind affected directly by this decision, history would then remember it as “a moral adventure”.  It would be said that, the government of India subjected the people and the institutions and the entire economic system to “an ideological leap of faith”, even though the premise of believing in fundamental human goodness was both, encouraging and justified.  What the government hopefully wants is, a success in every possible way, including material; even in ways yet unanticipated.

There is no denying, one of the strongest indicators of a healthy economy in a country is the employment numbers.  It would appeal to a common sense observance that, the more people are employed, the more productive a country would be, and fewer the number of those who are idle, ready for mischief.  More workers should mean more production, more output of goods and services.  The current news does show rise in unemployment, following the government’s step to demonetize and how it has impacted job-giving industries.

It should be of interest to all to note, where we stand today in terms of how we view work.  Work should be a source of satisfaction, and expression of interest and creativity, meeting of challenges, and a quest to find and offer solutions to meet the demands.  Work cannot be just an economic activity.  It is time we put our realization to work, if we realize that so many capable people are not meaningfully engaged in work.

Work cannot be just an economic activity.

India and the world, with all the knowledge of history we have and the prospects for the future in the presence of increased use of machines, does make one think of the nature of work.  If human work is no better than, what a machine can do, then it is surely going to devalue humans in terms of use of the mind.  At the same time, as machines get better and overall less expensive than hiring human workers, there is going be large-scale unemployment in every facet of work that machines will touch.  The talk about Artificial Intelligence and its further development continues to threaten humans in ways, only imagined in the realms of science fiction.

With the rise of unemployment and the increasing human population – in India and everywhere – we are on the cusp of calamity or greatness.  A lot depends on how we view the future.  Our view of the future cannot be independent of our concepts, and of our present beliefs.

Human ingenuity and determination is being tested greatly.  To remain grounded in spirituality and morality is truly a great gift this land, India or any other civilization, offers to the whole world.  If actions and decisions are measured by the yardstick of, “Does this make sense?”, it is time we realize that, many things humans are known to consider sensible have proven otherwise.  At the same time, some very old beliefs, concepts, and views have persisted.  They have persisted not because they are unbeatable in the short-run, but due to the stamina and strength of the underlying idea.  Demonetization was one action that arose from a powerful underlying idea!

They have persisted not because they are unbeatable in the short-run, but due to the stamina and strength of the underlying idea.  Demonetization was one action that arose from a powerful underlying idea!

The future is not too new, the past is not too old

Mankind and the system we are living in are bound to undergo radical changes.  Major changes related to politics, religion, military, and economy are already taking place.  Many see it as headed toward war and violence, but people don’t want it to be so, even if they fantasize of it to be so.  It is hoped, mankind has become wiser as to what war is and what it can do.  One of things we observe is also, how the nature of war has changed.  But why are these considerations important in connection with demonetization and its subsequent effects?  For the simple reason that, seeing economy as independent of all the other spheres of human activity is a mistake.  For example, do we not notice how stock markets respond to politically encouraging or discouraging news!

It is naive to put faith in all the news and numbers that are put out by the government, or by media houses.  Beneath all this, there are far more significant and powerful forces at work.  Whenever those forces have been in action, mankind has witnessed a time that defies understanding.  If the critics of demonetization can do one good thing, that is to keep society aware of what can potentially happen when, government power gets concentrated in the hands of one or a few individuals.

The purpose of writing these words is, to remind readers now and those possibly in the future of monumental changes that are changing place.  Demonetization is one such landmark, but we are moving too fast to remember.  It also seems to lose significance in the larger scheme of things.  This should not happen.  Much more than being simply a decision related to economics, it must be considered a bold ideological expression of the government of India.  These ideological expressions are coming before mankind in different forms from the U.S.A., from the E.U., from Israel, from Iran, from Syria, from Greece, from Germany, from France, and even down to individuals.  The developing situation has already made it impossible for even individuals to remain disconnected from what is happening.  Our personal visions will have significance, not only to man but also to the One who has given life to all of us.  We should become wise to the events that are happening, and let this awareness add meaning to our daily existence.

Where we stand right now, we are in a unique place.  We are not too far from the history which, speaks of blunders arising from war and national ambitions of WW1, WW2, and subsequent insufficiencies despite the setup of the U.N.O.  We are also not too far from a future that could possibly be defined by the deeper interaction between humans and machines.  And all this is happening in full view of the Greater Machine-Maker and Architect, the One who has made us and all things – God.  The lives within us are tied to His, and we cannot escape this truth!

And all this is happening in full view of the Greater Machine-Maker and Architect, the One who has made us and all things – God.  The lives within us are tied to His, and we cannot escape this truth!

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